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article imageThor doesn’t know how to pay his rent and it’s hilarious Special

By Sarah Gopaul     Mar 19, 2017 in Entertainment
Thor’s adventures on Earth continue in part two of what is beginning to look like a Marvel web series starring the Asgardian god.
While last year’s Captain America: Civil War pitted the Avengers against each other in a battle of right vs. also right, there were a couple of members missing from the fray. Bruce Banner/Hulk’s absence is easily explained by his tendency to go into hiding after major skirmishes, but where was Thor (Chris Hemsworth)? Marvel subsequently released a YouTube video, titled “Team Thor,” in which Thor explains he’s taking a break from being a superhero and living a “normal” life in Australia with his roommate, Darryl — also, he wasn’t asked to join either side of the conflict. In conjunction with the release of Doctor Strange on Blu-ray, Marvel checks in with Thor and Darryl who are having a bit of a disagreement over the rent in “Team Thor: Pt. 2, Where Are They Now?.”
It was evident in the first video that Thor’s concept of life on Earth is a little confused and this couldn’t be truer in the follow-up. Roommates are expected to split the rent, but Thor is having trouble coming up with his half. He tries to give Darryl Asgardian coins, which he claims are each worth “a gazillion human dollars.” Although, since Darryl can’t just take them to a currency exchange, Thor suggests he set-up a market stall to sell the hero’s Asgardian wares… of course any suggestion he take an earthly job is dismissed as ludicrous. Even more amusing is when Thor equates his muscular biceps and stomach to increased brain capacity.
Hemsworth’s sense of humour and Marvel’s decision to have fun with one of its more popular characters is truly paying off with these hilarious videos. Not only do they fill the space between releases, but they build interest in the superhero’s upcoming standalone movie, Thor: Ragnarok, which is scheduled for release in November 2017.
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