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article imageThe producers of PotterCon discuss upcoming show at The Paramount Special

By Markos Papadatos     May 8, 2017 in Entertainment
Huntington - Digital Journal chatted with the producers of PotterCon. On June 11, PotterCon will take place at The Paramount in Huntington on Long Island.
Regarding the concept for PotterCon, the producers said, "The concept for PotterCon was created by two huge Harry Potter fans who were looking for a casual, HP-themed party for like-minded, kinda nerdy adults. However, the harder they looked, the more they realized this type of party didn’t exist. They got together with some friends and threw their own party, using the robes, wands, and other memorabilia they owned that sat in piles in their bedrooms. The rest is history."
On the difference between PotterCon and PotterParty, the producers clarified, "PotterCon is the only adult-oriented fan convention that brings together fans to celebrate the Boy Who Lived and his magical world through interactive activities. This full convention event features activities such as: live on-stage sorting ceremony and costume contest; trivia; house cup; potions, divination, history of magic; quidditch games and lessons; special guest speakers; wizards’ chess; photo area; and more."
The producers continued, "PotterParty brings together adult fans around the United States to wave their wands, slur their spells and manage mischief while celebrating the Boy Who Lived and his magical world. This party-type event features activates such as: live on-stage sorting ceremony and costume contest; trivia; quidditch pong; wizards’ chess; curated merchandise; divination class; photo area; and more."
"PotterCon" is not for all ages. It is for people ages 21 and over. "PotterCon isn’t just a celebration of a series that meant a lot to fans when they were kids – it’s a celebration of a series that still means a lot to fans now as adults. Fans have grown up, and so have their parties. If fans are going to be debating microscopic plot holes and reviewing over a decade’s worth of memories, they may as well have a stiff magical drink in hand."
The producers of PotterCon believe strongly that the fans are just as much of the Harry Potter universe as anyone you may see on screen. "Every event is completely interactive and everyone has the same opportunity to get up on stage, because PotterCon is about celebrating you."
They concluded, "The costume contest blows away the producers of PotterCon in every city. You will see some of the most elaborate, insane costumes ever, but it isn’t always the person with the most customized or expensive costume. It’s all about creativity."
To learn more about PotterCon, check out its official website.
For more information on the PotterCon show at The Paramount, visit the venue's official homepage.
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