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article imageTatjana Marjanovic talks 'Purgatory' digital series, digital age Special

By Markos Papadatos     Aug 10, 2020 in Entertainment
Actress Tatjana Marjanovic chatted with Digital Journal's Markos Papadatos about being a part of the digital series "Purgatory," where she plays the character Lisa.
On being a part of Purgatory, she said, "It was wild on so many levels. Firstly, on a personal level, we were filming in Armenia February and March of this year, in the dead of winter, which was so far from home and so unlike anything I had ever experienced β€” it was the first time I had seen falling snow."
"While we were having a great time cocooned in our little bubble filming underground in a cave five days a week, globally the pandemic had started to ravage Europe and then America. So when we would resurface, travel back to the hotel and get hit with all the news, it was pretty surreal," she said.
On her character, Lisa, she remarked, "I love the way Lisa subverts all of the audiences expectations of her. Throughout the season, you see her grow from what initially seems like a spoiled, precious little princess to a smart, strong, badass who stands her ground among the group and is willing to do whatever it takes to survive."
"In saying that, Lisa is certainly not without her faults, she is quick to anger, which is something that her and I share, and sometimes this anger drives her to make rash decisions and lash out at people. She gets in her own way a lot," she exclaimed.
Marjanovic had nothing but kind words about working with such actors as Erik Fellows and Danny Mahoney. "I don't think I could adore Erik and Danny more than I already do," she said. "Off set they were the best jetlag, sightseeing, and drinking buddies a gal could ask for and on set they were phenomenal. Both of them are so dedicated and giving and so, so, so good at what they do. It was such a joy to work with actors who simultaneously pushed my limits and gave me space to play. My admiration for them is endless."
Erik Fellows and Tatjana Marjanovic in  Purgatory
Erik Fellows and Tatjana Marjanovic in 'Purgatory'
Erik Fellows still shot, photo courtesy of 'Purgatory'
On being an actress in the digital age, she said, "I feel like being an actress in the digital age is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, there is so much opportunity for work (which ultimately outweighs the bad) but the market is oversaturated and there are so many external factors that come into play now, such as social media. You are forced to play the game whether you want to or not."
For young and aspiring actors, her advice is as follows: "I heard this on a podcast a while back so I can't take credit for it β€” make sure you are going to be happier failing at acting than you would be succeeding at anything else. The highs and lows are out of this world and everything in between is a hustle, but it’s all worth it."
When asked about her favorite part of Purgatory, she responded, "All of my favorite parts are still to come in episodes six and seven, so without giving too much away I'm going to make a blanket statement and say every scene with Erik was my favourite."
"Yelling at Danny in episode 5 was also very, very fun," she admitted.
On her definition of the word success, Marjanovic said, "I think about this a lot in my every day life, and it's very interesting how the definition has changed for me over the years. But right now, success to me means being happy in the present moment."
Marjanovic concluded about Purgatory, "It is a thrilling murder mystery where you are drip fed clues throughout the season to finally uncover the truth β€” if, like me, you love this type of thing, catch Purgatory on PopstarTV! New episodes out weekly #teamLisa."
Purgatory is available for streaming on Popstar! TV.
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