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article imageScott Turner Schofield talks about 'Studio City' on Amazon Prime Special

By Markos Papadatos     Feb 20, 2020 in Entertainment
Actor Scott Turner Schofield chatted with Digital Journal about being a part of the new digital drama series "Studio City" on Amazon Prime, which was created by Sean Kanan.
On being a part of Studio City, he said, "I was honored that Sean, who I met years ago on The Bold and the Beautiful, kept me in mind for so long to act this role. Anytime someone creates a role for you to bring your particular skill set and shine to, it’s such a rare joy. I had a great time working with everyone on a set that felt like family—even if I had to contain feeling starstruck from time to time around some of my favorite soap actors."
"When Sean and Michele told me about Max/Dr. Brantley and the full story behind his character, I got so excited," he admitted. "You really only see the tip of the iceberg in Season 1. I had a lot of fun holding all of the pieces of him, showing what was present but knowing so much more."
He had nothing but the kindest remarks about working with Sean Kanan. "I really can't say enough good things about Sean. He is pure positive energy—creative, welcoming, fun. Day One, I had just walked out of makeup, and he pulled me right onto set. He said 'I want to give you as much camera time as possible' and sat me next to him in the fan event scene. He made lots of decisions like that, along with Timothy Woodward Jr. That's what inclusion looks like, done right: it's not a checkbox—it's the natural instinct to say 'you belong here with me.' And that is Sean."
Actor Scott Turner Schofield in  Studio City
Actor Scott Turner Schofield in 'Studio City'
Photo Courtesy of Sean Kanan, 'Studio City'
On being an actor in the digital age, he said, "It is a time of amazing opportunities. There is so much content everywhere, now. I think it's a really good time to be an actor, generally, and especially a new face bringing fresh talent."
When asked what motivates him each day, he said, "There is just so much to do. I am grateful to have a dream—acting, writing, working in entertainment—that fuels me. I also have the grace of feeling a real sense of purpose—as one of many actors/creators doing authentic transgender representation in media—to help create a welcoming world for more people. I spent many years feeling hopeless, having a hard time getting out of bed because I didn’t feel good about myself or my place in the world. Now I wake up early to contribute and feel deeply grateful."
For young and aspiring actors, he said, "Listen to your dream, and trust that following it—even into deep unknowns—will take you there. But don’t try to control it. Being open to any road that would take me in the direction of my dream has brought me a lot of success and satisfaction, even if the details were unexpected."
He described his experience on The Bold and The Beautiful as one of the most "positive" experiences of his entire life. "Selfishly, it was my TV break—a lifelong dream coming true. But as a positive, constructive contribution to the world, it was the first authentic transgender storytelling in Daytime. It had an impact in the real world. And the creators of the show did it very right and very well. It could not have been a better moment, and I am grateful for it every day," he said.
On his definition of the word success, he said, "It is when you find your way into feeling like you are doing/being what you were born to do/be. Whether that is living your truth, or doing work that doesn’t feel like work, or serving others…when you feel aligned in your life and in the world, what more do you need?"
"Thank you for giving our stories an hour of your precious life," he told the fans of the show. "That really means so much. I can't wait to share more with you."
For more information on the digital drama series Studio City, visit its official homepage.
To learn more about actor Scott Turner Schoefield, check out his official website and his Facebook page.
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Scott Turner Schofield
Scott Turner Schofield
Mingle MediaTV, Wikimedia Commons
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