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article imageScott Clifton talks Emmy win, 'The Bold and the Beautiful' Special

By Markos Papadatos     May 23, 2017 in Entertainment
Scott Clifton chatted with me about his 2017 Emmy award win for "Outstanding Lead Actor" for his portrayal of Liam Spencer on "The Bold and the Beautiful".
With his 2017 Emmy win, Clifton became the first male actor win the Emmy awards for "Outstanding Younger Lead Actor," "Outstanding Supporting Actor" and "Outstanding Lead Actor," all of which were from the same drama series, The Bold and the Beautiful. "I'm still not quite sure that I did," he said, referring to his "Lead Actor" win."It might have been a dream, or I might be living in The Matrix. The truth is that I am still processing it, or maybe it never really hits you. It's the greatest compliment I've ever gotten in my life, and I'm very proud of it, since comes from my peers, and it really means a lot to me coming from them."
He was pleased to discover that all three of his Emmy wins are from The Bold and The Beautiful. "That's pretty cool. I haven't really thought about that. They all come from the same show," he said, graciously.
Clifton went on to praise his hard-working publicist Eva Basler for all of her guidance and support. "Eva was the one that talked me into submitting in that [Lead Actor] category," he said. "The fact is that it wouldn't have happened if it weren't for her. I was way too scared to submit in that category. It's a very intimidating category, as evidenced by my competition, who are all fantastic actors. I am genuinely really grateful to Eva for dragging me into that category."
He had nothing but the greatest memories about working with daytime acting queen, multi-Emmy winner Susan Flannery, who played Stephanie Forrester (the iconic matriarch of the Forrester fashion dynasty) for 25 years on The Bold and The Beautiful. "She was the real deal," he admitted. "This is how I learned who she was: When I first came on the show, it was only my second or third episode, and there's a scene where Stephanie confronts my character and slaps him. She asked if I wanted to run the lines, and it gets to the part of the slap and I put down my script and I look her in the eyes, and I told her 'I just want you to know that you should really slap me, and don't worry about hurting me. I just want you to really slap me.' Then, she just chuckled and rolled her eyes at me. I didn't know what that meant, and then we did it on set, and she slapped me harder than I've ever been slapped in my whole life, to the point where I almost broke character in that scene. I was shocked and frozen about how hard she hit me. Then, bless her heart, she slapped me again and it got me back into the scene. It woke me and snapped me out of it, and then the scene kept going. When you watch it, it's a really great scene."
Growing up, in his teens, Clifton was motivated by his ego, but over the years, he became a husband to Nicole, and father to their one-year-old son Ford. "My family motivates me now. I get to go to work, which is a very technical medium, and we pump out this product and we do it under unimaginably impossible circumstances," he said. "What gets accomplished on a day-to-day basis on a soap opera is just amazing. If you are not part of that work, it is really hard to understand. To be able to do that, and knock it out, and go home and spend time with my family and to be able to pay for food, a home and a life, is what motivates me, and giving my son the best life that I can."
When asked how he balances a family life and a work life, he said, "I'm not an ambitious person. In terms of balance, it happens for me. A soap opera is the perfect job for somebody who wants to be an actor, but who still wants to have a life outside of work. I go to work and I'm usually home by 6 p.m. or 7 p.m. and I have my whole evening. The Bold and The Beautiful is a half hour soap opera and we usually film two episodes in a day. We film so far ahead, that we take breaks so they can write more, and it's really wonderful I'm blessed to have this job."
Aside from his endeavors in the acting world, Clifton released an album entitled Girl Go Home. "I really liked writing the songs and I really liked sitting in on the creative part of producing the songs," he said. "I'm glad I released it!"
Scott Clifton's Girl Go Home album is available on Amazon.
For his Bold and Beautiful fans, he said, "We go to work everyday, we do our lines and we do our scenes in Hollywood, and we are so isolated from the outside world. Then, a few weeks later, the episode airs. When we travel, or when we go to the supermarket and somebody comes up to you in the middle of the cereal aisle, and tells you 'you're like family to me.' Those tiny little moments are so profound in an attitude-changing way. Every time I meet a fan, I feel like I'm meeting a family member that I haven't seen since I was a little kid. The fact that it's meaningful to other people, makes it more meaningful to us. The fans inspire me to do better, since it is like performing for my family. That's how I always feel."
He concluded our interview by furnishing his definition of the word success. "My full name is not actually Scott Clifton, that is my first and middle name. I was born Scott Clifton Snyder. My mom always told me that she wanted my initials to be S.C.S. because it stands for success, and I never really knew what that meant. As I've gotten older and more wiser, success has transitioned to something inside of me. When I feel the most successful, is always independent of what is happening externally to me. Success has become more of an attitude than anything about my job or my life," he explained.
To learn more about acclaimed actor Scott Clifton, visit his official homepage, and follow him on Twitter.
For more information on The Bold and the Beautiful, check out its official website.
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