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article imageReview: ‘Zombieland — Double Tap' nuts up for the sequel Special

By Sarah Gopaul     Oct 24, 2019 in Entertainment
‘Zombieland: Double Tap’ keeps the fun and its beloved characters alive with this follow-up to the highly entertaining zombie comedy.
It’s not always easy for actors — or audiences — to return to popular characters years after they were last seen. It means filling viewers in on anything they may have missed during the hiatus and finding a natural starting place for the story to resume. Yet, rejoining beloved personalities on their journey can be one of the greatest joys in cinema. Hopefully, rather than a rushed sequel, the follow-up is carefully planned and well thought-out. Perhaps allowing the characters to mature off-screen opens the door to different types of storylines previously incompatible with their arcs. In Zombieland: Double Tap, the foursome are still beating the odds, staying alive… and having fun.
Several years after killing Bill Murray and escaping the zombie-infested theme park, Columbus (Jesse Eisenberg), Tallahassee (Woody Harrelson), Wichita (Emma Stone) and Little Rock (Abigail Breslin) are still together. While Columbus and Wichita have paired off, Tallahassee has developed a fatherly relationship with Little Rock. Observing their enemy, learning their patterns and giving them fun but appropriate nicknames has aided their survival, while Columbus continues to encourage everyone to live by the rules. However, Little Rock is getting restless having missed the opportunity to do normal teenage things, while Columbus hopes to still maintain a sense of normalcy with Wichita. Before the movie is over, everyone will have their chance at happiness… though wishes are not always what their cracked up to be.
The first movie is a fan favourite as its quirky sense of humour, charming but distinct characters, and deadly setting combined for a laughter-filled, heartfelt picture. Even more telling of its success is it remains entertaining 10 years later and will probably still be so decades from now. Talks of a sequel had circled for years, but based on the excellence of the first film, everyone agreed a follow-up would have to at least match its predecessor in quality. Consequently, they aren’t far off.
The characters have not changed very much so their choices are predictable, but still amusing. For example, it’s not the least bit surprising they’d take up residence where they do, having discarded any feelings of guilt or nostalgia for previously revered artifacts. Everything is back to zero and the only claim on something is by whoever currently possesses it — a truth that arises more than once in the narrative. They’ve become a great team over the years, immediately executing a defense plan when under attack and developing their own code. Their closeness is only further exemplified when a new tagalong (Zoey Deutch) is repeatedly confused by their short-form… though at least part of that can be attributed to her low I.Q.
There are several new character encounters throughout the picture, all of whom are played by recognizable actors, including Deutch, Rosario Dawson, Luke Wilson and Thomas Middleditch. Their contributions to the narrative are hilarious and their presence has a significant impact on the group’s dynamics. Of course, they’re no Bill Murray, but no one is — though be sure his legacy has not been forgotten in the picture. Meanwhile, the returning cast has no problem stepping back into their sensible shoes and getting a little more physical with the undead.
The only real downside is Tallahassee’s obsession with Twinkies has been forgotten and replaced by a passion for Elvis Presley.
Director: Ruben Fleischer
Starring: Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg and Emma Stone
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