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article imageReview: Tom Daddario hilarious at Governor's Comedy Club at The Brokerage Special

By Markos Papadatos     Jun 30, 2018 in Entertainment
Bellmore - On June 30, comedian Tom Daddario headlined an all-star stand-up comedy show at Governor's Comedy Club at The Brokerage in Bellmore on Long Island.
Daddario was joined by such gifted comedians who were talented in their own right: hostess Ellen Karis, who is affectionately known as the "Greek Goddess of Comedy," as well as Ben Rosenfeld, and Joe Currie.
As Daddario began his set, he opened up about peanut allergies, and how they didn't exist was growing up. He also noted that his girlfriend is a "drunken vegetarian," and they have a love and hate relationship, where the majority of the time its hate. He discussed their experience going to eat in fancy restaurants (where the waiters have French accents), yet the prices for a small portion of chicken are astronomical. He acknowledged that relationships are hard, and his girlfriend loves to Google things, in an effort to learn more about herself; moreover, she is fascinated with The Walking Dead.
Daddario noted that he is the "breadwinner" of the family, and his girlfriend is younger and harder to get along with. He urged the importance of marijuana legalization, where it is safer to be on weed. He also shared that his mother is 92 years old, and dislikes wearing a seat belt, even to be driven two blocks to a local restaurant to eat.
Without going into the subject of religion too much, Daddario noted that only one rule would be essential if he were to create his own religion: "to not be a dick," since that sums up all of all The 10 Commandments in one.
He continued by poking fun with microwaves (where one minute would seem forever, and how phones are amazing, they don't always make people smarter. "I don't even try to spell words anymore," he admitted, thus implying that spell check is built-in his phone. Daddario expressed his strong disdain towards voice-mails, and checking them, especially since he is a comic (and that shouldn't be contacting him in case of an emergency, since he would lighten each difficult situation with humor). He closed his comedic set by poking fun at teachers in the room (who may be tempted to hit or reprimand children), as well as Capital One and Visa bills.
The Verdict
Overall, Tom Daddario was terrific at Governor's Comedy Club at The Brokerage thanks to his witty and hysterical set. He had the crowd with him every step of the way, and earned a tremendous amount of laughs and applause. Daddario and his fellow openers (Karis, Rosenfeld and Currie) all gave the Bellmore audience a memorable night of stand-up comedy to remember. They are all highly recommended seeing live. Bravo.
To learn more about esteemed comedian Tom Daddario, check out his homepage.
For more information on Governor's Comedy Club at The Brokerage, and its upcoming events, visit its website.
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