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article imageReview: ‘Spies in Disguise’ has fun with the spy’s love of camouflage Special

By Sarah Gopaul     Dec 31, 2019 in Entertainment
‘Spies in Disguise’ is a humorous take on the super spy story that transfers Will Smith’s smooth persona to a slick pigeon.
The secret agent is an appealing character in fiction because they’re human, but capable of accomplishing amazing feats. They're constantly in mortal danger, but almost never really at risk of dying because they always find a way to escape. They have the best tech money can buy and imaginations can create, making difficult situations easily manageable. They’re also able to blend into any environment, using the most meagre to incredibly elaborate disguises to avoid detection. However, even when things go wrong, they still have to get the job done as demonstrated in Spies in Disguise.
Lance (Will Smith) is the best spy in the business. Those on the side of right cheer when he returns victorious, while bad guys run at the mention of his name. He gets the best tech the company has to offer… so he's a bit surprised when his weapon of distraction is a glitter bomb followed by a mid-air projection of kittens. Walter (Tom Holland) has spent his life making interesting, non-violent aides for the good guys, but his cuddly weapons are not welcomed by the world’s top spy. However, when Lance is framed, Walter is his only hope and his latest experiment provides the greatest disguise in spy history: he (accidentally) turns Lance into a pigeon.
This is the family-friendly comedic version of a James Bond picture in which the main character is turned into an ineffective bird. Other than Lance being displeased by his new form, there is a lot of fun to be had as he still tries to carry out his mission solo. However, a group of misfit birds quickly adopt him into their flock, creating an unshakeable friendship whether he likes it or not. It takes some time for Lance to find the advantages of his feathery appearance, but being able to soar, command a flight of birds and blend into major city settings all comes in handy. Walter also proves to be an asset as his nonaggressive gadgets get them out of more than one sticky situation in a typically humorous manner.
Although they’re unaware of his disguise, Lance is pursued by a team of agents voiced by Rashida Jones, Karen Gillan and DJ Khaled. They’ve dismissed Lance’s explanation for the incriminating evidence and are convinced stopping him will save the world. Jones is a formidable match for Lance and an impressive agent, while Gillan makes an excellent sidekick; but unfortunately, Khaled continues to show little range in even a voice acting role.
This is a film everyone will find entertaining as it consistently delivers laughs via clever plays on the espionage genre… and pigeons.
Directors: Nick Bruno and Troy Quane
Starring: Will Smith, Tom Holland and Rashida Jones
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