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article imageReview: Norm Macdonald headlines The Paramount on Long Island Special

By Markos Papadatos     Jun 16, 2017 in Entertainment
Huntington - On June 16, Canadian comedian Norm Macdonald ("Saturday Night Live") headlined The Paramount on Long Island, as part of the venue's "Comedy Series."
As The Paramount logo displayed on the stage, with purple lights in the background, he began his stand-up set talking about election years, and how he is not a fan of them, especially since one needs to pretend to know what is going on. "What do you know about Syria?" he asked, jokingly. "You're asking me?" He added that it would be essential for him to take an eight-year course on Syria to be able to tell you. "My opinions are so weak," he said, so by the end of the debate, he would switch back and forth on who won.
Macdonald ended his political comedy joke with the reasoning behind Trump winning the election, especially since he was the "only guy running." He shared that he was a fan of Bill Cosby growing up, with the exception of his stand-up comedy. "I thought he was cool," he explained, prior to the rape allegations that took place in Cosby's life.
He noted that he has written new jokes down on a piece of paper, but he can hardly read some of them. One of the highlight moments in his set was when he poked fun at Caitlin Jenner. "I'm old enough to remember that Bruce Jenner never existed," he said, prior to noting that Bruce had won the gold medal in the decathlon in the 1976 Olympic Games. "She was a liar. Pretending not to be a lady," he said.
Macdonald opened up about his male genitalia and that it does not work as it did when he was younger. "It's hard to get an erection during tax season," he said.
He opened up about his marriage that did not work out. "I knew she was trouble. She was no prize," he said, and he elaborated on his wedding ceremony, where he had to make a promise before God with vows that included to love during "sickness and health." For him, the hardest vow was to "love her forever." "I can't predict the future," he admitted.
During the final part of his set, he made fun of doctors making quick money on patients for using giant vocabulary words for conditions such as "chronic fatigue syndrome." He also elaborated on the infatuation that women have over Dracula. "If Dracula walked in, women would leave me," he said, prior to using the analogy that women love Dracula as babies love stray dogs.
The Verdict
Overall, Norm Macdonald's show at The Paramount in Huntington was witty, authentic and fun. His sense of humor was clever and distinct. Macdonald is worth seeing live whenever he is in the area. Even he was enjoying himself too much, to the point where it didn't matter that it went 10 minutes overtime. His stand-up comedy set garnered 4.5 out of 5 stars.
To learn more about stand-up comedian Norm Macdonald and his touring schedule, check out his official website.
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