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article imageReview: Lisa Lampanelli hilarious at The Paramount, debuts Trump jokes Special

By Markos Papadatos     Jun 30, 2017 in Entertainment
Huntington - On June 29, comedian Lisa Lampanelli performed at The Paramount in Huntington, as part of a benefit show for the North Shore Animal League.
Frank DeCaro served as her opening act. She kicked off her stand-up comedy show at The Paramount, but poking fun at a few audience members who arrived late, and how they have "zero respect." The Queen of Mean complimented the women in the Long Island audience for being "pretty fucking hot."
The insult comic shared that she is all for gay marriage, and that it should be legal in all 50 states, however, gay divorce ought to be outlawed (especially since they took them such a long time to fight for gay marriage). For Lampanelli, the only two people that should refrain from getting married are two ugly people. She also opened up about her hatred for kids, hence she never had any. Instead, she focuses her time and energy on her puppies, so she praised the North Shore Animal League for being one of her favorite charities in the world.
She then discussed her severe weight loss, where she lost 107 pounds, which she managed to keep off for the past five years. She has battled with her weight for over 30 years, and noted that such diet programs as Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem were of no help to her; moreover, she made fun of their spokespeople, which included Oprah and Marie Osmond.
Lampanelli took her Long Island fans on a trip down memory lane to her ex-husband, Jimmy "Big Balls," who had lost 95 pounds, and was a "good guy," especially since he had helped her get through The Celebrity Apprentice, where she made fun of Donald Trump and his hair. For 16 weeks, she had no idea what was going on up there in his hair. "Is it dead? Is it alive? Is it a ferret's tail? Is it orange cotton candy?" she was left asking herself out loud.
She reminded everybody that her Donald Trump roast went viral, and looking back, she watched it herself, and realized that her jokes were genius, especially where he disappointed more women than Sex and the City 2. Most importantly was a joke that came spontaneous. As she was writing the joke in her script, she had written "[insert wife] here" about the part on Trump's wife's name, and realized it worked better that way, and rightfully so. Speaking of Melania, Lampanelli gave the Paramount audience the Slovenian definition of her name.
"You guys don't get offended over anything," she told The Paramount crowd, praising them for being able to handle her riskiest and most vulgar jokes. She also debuted several new Trump jokes that were "straight off the grill." She noted that the J in Donald J. Trump stands for "Jesus Chris, I can't believe he's president." She also made fun of the looks of Vice President Mike Pence (who looks like he has been constipated for the past 35 years), and while Pence calls his wife "mother," Trump calls most of his wives, plaintiffs.
She went on to ask two girls in the front row at her show if they were whores, which garnered an enormous laugh from all. Lampanelli is proud of her philanthropic work, where she noted, that unlike most celebrities, she does not brag about it. She also expressed a disdain towards Whole Foods, where two grapefruits costs $79.99, and "gluten," is a made-up term.
Most importantly, she closed her well-received show, by underscoring the importance of not buying dogs or puppies, instead, she recommended and encouraged everybody to adopt them, that way, they can change their lives, as her dog changed hers. She was gracious enough to partake in a Question and Answer session with The Paramount audience members, where her responses were clever and witty.
The Verdict
Overall, Lisa Lampanelli was incredible at her inaugural show at The Paramount in Huntington. She did it for a great cause, which resonated well with her New York fan-base. Her live stand-up set at The Paramount garnered an A rating.
Lisa Lampanelli chatted with Digital Journal about her North Shore Animal League benefit show at The Paramount.
To learn more about Lisa Lampanelli and her touring schedule, check out her official homepage.
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