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article imageReview: ‘Gloria Bell’ is the person she desires to be, no exceptions Special

By Sarah Gopaul     Mar 15, 2019 in Entertainment
‘Gloria Bell’ delivers a genuine and inspiring portrayal of a realistic, middle-aged woman whose life is both as ordinary and extraordinary as she chooses.
Historically, society has cultivated a stigma around being single – especially for women after a certain age. Conversely, there’s been a cultural shift that asserts being unattached is not the detriment it was once thought to be. Women are no longer required to rely on marriage for their livelihood and staying in an unhappy relationship “until the bitter end” is no longer a necessity for anyone. As a result, the perception of singledom is changing… and as Gloria Bell demonstrates, so is the landscape.
Gloria (Julianne Moore) is a divorcee of 12 years with two adult children and a steady job that keeps her busy. She likes to try new things and when she wants a night out, she goes to a mature singles club to dance the night away. She’s attractive, confident and independent. One night Gloria locks eyes with a man across the dance floor. Arnold (John Turturro) is recently divorced, self-employed and kind. The two begin dating and things are going well, except that his two adult daughters seem entirely dependent on him. Each time his phone rings it’s one of them in crisis, making him afraid to even tell them about Gloria because they may have another meltdown.
This is a unique portrayal of a woman whose years of life has instilled in her a rare sense of empowerment that isn’t easily shaken. Gloria is supportive of her friends and family, giving her adult children the space they require while also making sure they know she’s there any time they need her. She’s not afraid to do things alone, but also welcomes the opportunity to do them with a romantic partner. She’s happy to have Arnold in her life, but it’s clear she doesn’t need him to be happy. It’s inspiring to see a woman who’s not just a mother or someone’s lover or a confidante or a workaholic – Gloria is all of those things and more… like most women.
The romantic element of this story is not going to rouse too many warm fuzzies from audiences because contrary to what some may garner from the trailer, it’s not a romantic comedy. Arnold is just another part of Gloria’s life and whether or not it works out is only important in as far as how she handles it. Arnold is basically Gloria’s complete opposite, lacking her independence and self-confidence to make decisions that best serve him (and their relationship).
Moore embodies this character seamlessly with a perfect understanding of who she is in every situation. Gloria is an authentic representation of real women and the type of woman many aspire to be. Turturro’s talent is evident in his portrayal of this man who both loves life, but is incapable of living it for himself. They have great chemistry together, while also dropping an invisible wall between them whenever Arnold becomes distracted.
Director Sebastián Lelio allows women to be their best self, while also giving female audiences the leading women they deserve.
Director: Sebastián Lelio
Starring: Julianne Moore, John Turturro and Michael Cera
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