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article imageReview: Chris D'Elia hilarious at The Paramount, owns female heckler Special

By Markos Papadatos     Jun 18, 2017 in Entertainment
Huntington - On June 17, comedian Chris D'Elia performed two stand-up comedy shows at The Paramount. Digital Journal reviewed his later show (10:30 p.m.)
Irish comedian Mark Hayes and Michael Lenoci served as his opening acts, where they were able to warm up the Paramount stage for D'Elia.
As D'Elia took the stage, he noted that goes to the doctor's house unsolicited. "What up Huntington?" he asked. "How you guys doing?" The last crowd was really good. You guys got work to do. He noted that he is losing his voice after being sick six days ago. At the same time, his opener Mike Lenoci had hurt his ankle, which was purple, and he wound up feeling bad for him.
He compared his Irish opener, Mark Hayes, as him on heroin, and subsequently mocked his Irish accent. "It took me a whole day to figure out what the fuck he was saying," he said. "He's so Irish, and it looks like people live in his hair," thus referring to his long hair.
D'Elia underscored his love for performing at The Paramount. "I love coming here. It's fucking cool," he said. "You guys are real people. I feel at home on East Coast," he added, and that statement was met with a raucous response.
While at home, D'Elia shared that he does weird things, such as placing a curtain at the side of his body, which makes him feel "regal," when even his dogs are looking at him like "what the fuck is going on."
He elaborated on his dogs, being "stupid and dumb." There's also a possum in his house, in his side yard. "I don't own it, it's just there," he explained, prior to describing the possum as an "asshole." He described the possum's eyes as if one is "downloading shit" from the Internet, with a great deal of "buffering." When it walked away, it felt like it was in a "Miley Cyrus video."
While he did admit that his "Yorkies are cute," they are "dumb as shit." "I don't have a worst enemy that would shit on my couch," he said, thus comparing it to "mafia style gangster" privileges that his pets have. "All dogs are dumb," he reiterated.
He noted that lately, people have to apologize for events, where they would have to tweet their apologies later. He found it absurd that they are pressuring comedians to apologize. "I never apologize for anything I say on stage. We push the envelope," he admitted. "Fuck apologies. We try to make you laugh," he said.
When it comes to politics, D'Elia acknowledges that he does not know where he stands on issues. "I'm a regular white guy. A lot of shit doesn't affect me," he said. "Issues don't affect me directly. It makes me feel bad."
He also noted that his life doesn't matter that much, so if he ever got shot, he would have "no idea why." He shared that important people get shot, such as former President Lincoln and John Lennon. "I'm 37," he revealed. "It's too late to stand for something."
D'Elia praised The Paramount audience for being a "great crowd" and "awesome," prior to sharing that he has a new special coming out in nine days. He looks like a "tired eagle." "Eagles are cool animals," he said, especially since they are "ready as shit." "They don't hide ever."
The best part of the night was when he owned a drunk female heckler in the crowd. "You're not helping anything. You're ruining it. I'm hilarious," he said, and rightfully so. For 20 minutes back and forth, he was able to get her occupation out of her (being an accountant) and her name being Veronica. After throwing a few witty remarks that required mathematical computations, and inquiring how many drinks she had over the course of the night, he came to the conclusion that she was not so good with numbers after all.
Her partner concurred with D'Elia that his "girl was acting horrible." The heckler responded in a snappy fashion: "Who's getting their dick tonight?" but the comedian fired back by trying to guess in a television game show fashion, which left everybody cracking up. Finally, he put an end to his heckler encounter by revealing the fact that she has "1,000 people right now that fucking hate you," implying to the number of audience members that came to see his second consecutive show at The Paramount. That response garnered a huge standing ovation, which was even greater than the warm response that he received when he initially took the stage.
The Verdict
Overall, Chris D'Elia gave The Paramount a night of comedy to remember, with back-to-back shows. His jokes were relatable and clever. D'Elia and his two openers were all able to deliver. His live show garnered an A rating.
To learn more about comedian Chris D'Elia and his upcoming tour dates, check out his official website.
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