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article imageReview: Billy Garan earns standing ovation at Governor's Comedy Club Special

By Markos Papadatos     Feb 29, 2020 in Entertainment
Levittown - Acclaimed comedian Billy Garan headlined Governor's Comedy Club in Levittown on Long Island, where he performed for a great turnout.
He began his set poking fun at the microphone and remarked that it's good to be back on New York soil. He noted that he spent 15 years in California, and he moved back since he missed New Yorkers, especially since they are known for their attitude and for having a good time.
While the employees in stores in California are known for being nice and attentive, in New York, he shared that one can't even find an employee at a store. For Garan, he found the weather in California boring for being sunny all the time, while at the same time, New York had one "hell of a winter." In New York, even the kids are tough.
He also made fun of former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, as well as the traffic in New York City and explained how difficult it is to merge. He enjoys traveling everywhere and he furnished his insights by providing travel tips (everything on a plane costs money, and the most expensive place one will ever find is an airport restaurant). He acknowledged that people don't realize how good we have it in this country, and we realize that once we travel to airports in other countries (where nobody cares if baggage is lost there).
Garan pointed out that more people have quit smoking since there is no place to smoke these days, and people have become very overprotective about it. "Every kid in America is allergic to something," he admitted, prior to adding that we are raising a generation of wussy kids. These days, kids want iPads and iPhones, yet when he was younger, they were lucky if they had shoes. Parents also these days are the kids' personal chauffeurs. He went on to clarify his meaning of a "summer break."
He subsequently poked fun of Caitlin Jenner as well as Nancy Grace. Towards the end of his well-received set, he did some famous impersonations of character actor Frank Morgan (The Wizard of Oz), Alfonso Bedoya, Sean Connery, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jack Nicholson and even re-enacted a scene from Casablanca, which was witty and fun.
The Verdict
Overall, Billy Garan was hysterical at Governor's Comedy Club in Levittown on Long Island. He is worth seeing live whenever he comes to town. His comedic set garnered an A rating, and it was worthy of the standing ovation that it received from the New York crowd. Well done.
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