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article imageReview: '3 Years in Pakistan: The Erik Aude Story' is a powerful film Special

By Markos Papadatos     Aug 9, 2020 in Entertainment
"3 Years in Pakistan: The Erik Aude Story" is an intense, powerful and gripping documentary. Digital Journal has the scoop.
This length documentary, directed by Jamielyn Lippman, tells the true life story of actor and stuntman Erik Aude, who was duped by Rai Gharizian (whose real name was "Razmik Minasian") into drug smuggling and subsequently spent three years in a prison in Pakistan.
He tells his story from the start, and shared that he loved to act and do stunts more than football. He listed Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jean-Claude Van Damme as influences. He was the youngest of six boys, and he loved to be in front of the camera. "My entire life hasn't been a cakewalk," he admitted in the film (he had suffered a bus accident as a kid, so he has learned to live with pain every day of his life).
Aude never thought that innocenet people would stay in "bad situations." He noted that September 11, 2001, was a big wakeup call for America, and as a result nobody wants to go on trips overseas afterward.
In the flashback torture scenes, actor Mark Hapka takes on the role of 21-year-old Erik, and those were heartbreaking to watch. They will certainly move viewers on an emotional level, especially since Erik's pain was physical, mental, and emotional. The narrative portion of the film was quite haunting. While in prison, he had learned to play poker, which has been a "life raft" for him.
His mother, Sherry, did everything in her power to help Erik from home, and took this search for justice into her own hands.
Aude deserves to be commended for his indomitable spirit, since when the question came about as to whether he should obtain his pride or freedom, he chose the former. He was willing to sacrifice his sanity to preserve his dignity.
The Verdict
Overall, Erik Aude, and his mother Sherry, will break viewers hearts in this compelling documentary 3 Years in Pakistan: The Erik Aude Story. He was able to tell his story in a raw, sincere and unflinching manner. His life experiences (trials and tribulations) are an inspiration for us all, and every single person watching it can take away a few things from his story.
It is a film about overcoming adversity, and it teaches people to appreciate life and the little things in life (a warm room, ice water, a bed, among other material necessities), as well as people and family a whole lot more. It garners two thumbs up.
3 Years in Pakistan: The Erik Aude Story is available on such digital streaming services as Amazon Prime Video, Apple, Google Play, and YouTube, among many other platforms.
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 3 Years in Pakistan: The Erik Audé Story
'3 Years in Pakistan: The Erik Audé Story'
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