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article imageMishel Prada discusses 'Fear The Walking Dead: Passage' Special

By Markos Papadatos     Aug 25, 2017 in Entertainment
Actress Mishel Prada chatted with Digital Journal about "Fear The Walking Dead," as well as the digital transformation of the entertainment scene.
Regarding her experience on Fear the Walking Dead: Passage, she said, "The franchise is so coy that I had no idea what we were working on until wardrobe called. I was actually sitting on a plane when the phone rang, wheels literally lifting off the tarmac on a flight to Paris. After a 12 hour flight, I landed at Charles de Gaul airport, turned around and flew right back! We shot it all in just a few very long and hot sweaty days. It was hard work, but we had a lot of fun on that set, and I know how to kill a zombie now, in case that ever comes in handy. Until this I had mostly worked on indie films, so this was my first time working with blood, stunts and FX. We got so banged up and I had so much fake blood in my hair, the little shower in my trailer felt like the spa at Burke Williams. I loved getting to bring these two characters to life with a female driven storyline. Gabi is so lost and unsure of herself, but as the story unravels she manages to find her inner strength and stand up for her own damn self. I love that!"
Each day, she is motivated by "finding beauty," as well as "survival" and "caffeine." She shared that she is fascinated with people. "My favorite actors are the ones who deeply absorb and show us the psychology of why we behave as we do, and the authenticity and beauty in any and every type of person. The joy, the victories, the loneliness and pain, the power of hope and the dire need to be understood and feel connected," she explained.
On her future plans, she said, "I work a lot with a director named Jessie Hill, my creative wifey. We've been writing and producing some upcoming projects that I'm really excited about. Creative partnerships can be challenging but she's fucking amazing. I love to work with friends and people I know, so I'd love to do more of it. I spent part of my time in New Orleans so I'll probably be heading that way pretty soon."
For aspiring actors, her advice is as follows: "There's a natural inclination to assimilate, but it’s important to remember that what really makes us interesting is the ways in which we are different. Embrace your beauty and your beast. When it gets rocky and tough, lean into that. Be constantly in a state of adjustment, because it's pretty great just to be alive and pursuing your passion. Learn, unlearn, and then relearn. Be honest in your work and with yourself. I'm honestly still trying to figure all that out myself."
On the digital transformation of the entertainment and acting industry, Prada said, "Artists are able to connect directly with their audiences now, without being restricted by the old gate keepers. Your excuses are tired, so tell your story! Also, the changes in the ways we consume media have opened the door for edgier and powerful narratives to emerge. There’s more room at the table for artists to reflect the time in which we live, or maybe there’s just a bunch more little tables. I believe we are experiencing a great shift in the film industry, on par with the advent of talkie films and color TV. I'm interested to see where we go from here."
When asked how she uses technology on a daily basis, she noted that she has a a pendulous relationship to technology. "I can be so tunneled into my devices that hours will disappear, yet when the battery finally dies it's such a relief and I can go forever without it. I love to learn, so sometimes I'll find myself reading Wikipedia articles for hours. I know a lot of random stuff," she said.
For her fans, she concluded, "The fact that people have taken the time out of their days to make music videos and fan art still blows me away, and that our little series has resonated with so many people is far more than I would have ever expected. It's been wild."
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