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article imageMeet Pilar Villadoma: Fitness coach, actress, and journalist Special

By Markos Papadatos     Jan 20, 2021 in Entertainment
Pilar Villadoma is a woman of many talents. She is a fitness coach, actress, and journalist. She chatted with Digital Journal's Markos Papadatos about her careers and her motivations. She has dual Peruvian and American nationality.
On her daily inspirations, she said, "As an actress my imagination and creativity. My imagination becomes powerful when I turn it into manifestation. I usually take some time to create characters and believe what I am playing. My imagination is my talent, it inspires me each day. I know for a fact that good Films has the power to change hearts and minds and sometimes society more widely."
She continued, "As a fitness coach what inspires me is when I witness all those health problems that some people have for being overweight or even obese and mental problems that some people have. I know for a fact that exercise is important for mental health as well as physical health. I really like to encourage people as they age to not give up on the concept of fitness by stopping or even putting off exercise. Exercise should be our No. 1 priority."
"I believe for a fact that being physically and mentally fit could open a door to greater enjoyment of everything else in life," she said. "When I was 13 years old I took an aerobics class that was infused with Latin dance and I have been hooked ever since. I started as a group fitness instructor in Peru. I fell in love with the fitness industry and became a certified personal trainer."
"As a Master personal trainer is a life-changing and rewarding experience. I love to help people to achieve their health and wellness goals. My goal as a Fitness coach is not to put my clients under a lot of pressure, but rather to encourage and motivate them to achieve their fitness goals. I make dance workout videos. Dancing is a fun exercise. Fun is essential to fitness," she said.
For young trainers, she said, "My advice for young aspiring trainers is that do your best to always encourage a healthy lifestyle to your clients. Because it can be easy for clients to act healthy the one hour they’re with a trainer so you have to make sure that your clients learn strategies for how to live healthier all the time, not just when they’re working with you."
"Also, it's very important to keep great communication with your clients, ask them how they are feeling day to day and truly listen to them and adjust the program as needed, encourage and motivate them to achieve their fitness goals," she exclaimed.
"My advice for young aspiring actresses is that if acting is your true passion never give up," she said. "Also, love yourself enough to live a healthy lifestyle. Love and respect your body. Every new day is a chance to change your life. You must exercise because it not only changes your body, it’s good for your mental and physical health and even for your soul. It makes you happier."
"Exercise can help you to beat an addiction. Life is a precious gift, don't waste it on drugs. Your talent is God’s gift to you. Be always yourself. We are all unique. And remember that the true beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul. You must value yourself, respect yourself and be always happy and grateful for all the things that you have in life. The real success is not fame or money," she elaborated.
She opened up about life during the quarantine. "I've been trying to keep myself and my family safe and happy. There are ways to feel happier even during a global pandemic. I got a routine. I had to structure my day to not end up sitting on my couch or lying in bed all day. I’ve been trying to use the time productively, so I’ve been exercising, dancing, acting, singing and making fitness workout videos and sharing them to motive people. I made a few puppet shows videos for my niece. I love to do voiceover and puppetry," she said.
"I always see a silver lining even the worst events or situations can bring some good and positivity to our world," she said. "Even though all the darkness with COVID-19, we have been able to see the good in each other. I was focusing on the positivity we’ve all experienced. A lot of people have strengthened friends and family connections."
Villadoma continued, "Most of the people spend quality time with their families now. We are starting to appreciate more the small things, during a quarantine we all still have many small moments we can cherish. We were able to look for the good in others, we all had time to process this event and we keep turning to ways we can help, give, and take care of each other."
"My faith in God is what is helping me to have hope and spiritual strength in this pandemic to live a life of purpose and fulfillment. A lot of people have strengthened their faith during the quarantine. Prayers and faith are helping people during Coronavirus pandemic," she added.
On her career-defining moments, she responded, "I have three careers. I am a journalist, an actress, and a fitness coach. My careers did not help define me. I was able to choose my careers based on my interests and passions and then I started my education, it took planning and hard work to make it through school, which means I really wanted it. I have a passion for those fields and I studied tirelessly. My careers always made me happy and very proud. It's very rewarding."
"What I love the most about journalism is to investigate new topics or events occurring in my community," she said. "I always learn something new every day as a journalist and I bring the truth which is what makes the career so rewarding for me. I enjoy writing and interviewing people. I speak three languages ( Spanish, Italian, and English) so it's very interesting to get to know people from all walks of life and have the opportunity to hear their stories. I have empathy so I really enjoy talking to people. I love gathering information and interviewing them."
She listed Robert DeNiro and Penélope Cruz as her dream acting partners. "I would love to work with different types of actors, but my dream acting partners will be Robert De Niro and Penélope Cruz," she said.
Pilar Villadoma
Pilar Villadoma
Bjoern Kommerell
Villadoma complimented master photographer Bjoern Kommerell and his extraordinary work in photography. "Bjoern Kommerell is a very talented professional photographer. He has a beautiful talent for not only capturing smiles but souls. He makes you feel at ease the entire time and truly captures the most amazing unique shots. He effortlessly tailors to specific photo requests and you can tell He loves every moment of it. He does a wonderful job," she exclaimed.
On her definition of the word success, she said, "Success to me is something that you have to define for yourself, and no one can do it for you. It’s doing what you love and being authentic whilst you do it. I believe you are successful when you have found that purpose and commit your life to it."
"Success is not measured by money or fame but by how you feel about your own goals and accomplishments and the time and effort you put into them," she added.
To learn more about Pilar Villadoma, follow her on Instagram.
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