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article imageJosh Stewart talks 'Back Fork' film, 'Criminal Minds,' 'Punisher' Special

By Markos Papadatos     Apr 9, 2019 in Entertainment
Actor Josh Stewart chatted with Digital Journal about his new film "Back Fork," as well as being a part of "Punisher" and "Criminal Minds."
On his new film, Stewart said, "Back Fork is the story of something that's been plaguing small communities in Appalachia and around the rest of the country for quite some time. It's about tragedy and it's about pain. It's about wallowing in hurt and it's about redemption."
For young and aspiring actors, Stewart encouraged them to go and do something else, unless they are addicted to acting and can't live without it. "Do community theater for fun on the weekends and go make a difference in the world in another way. A lot of the art seems to get lost in the business of today," he said.
Stewart was also a part of such acting projects as Punisher and Criminal Minds. "The Punisher was a wild ride. Crazy character. Crazy story. Crazy action. Crazy everything. Playing a character that takes his beliefs to a fanaticism is always a good thing or a fun thing I should say to wrap your head around. And when he's a bad guy on top of it, there are usually no rules so it's game on."
"Criminal Minds is family," he said. "I've known those people for years, so it's always like a reunion when I show up for an episode or two during the season. It's like going home for a visit. I love it."
When asked what motivates him each day as an actor, he responded, "The characters we get to play. It's crawling inside the heads of these people within the perspective of the story. What their life is like or what it was like that led them to the place that they are now or took them to the place where we find them in the story and how it affects all of those around them. There's nothing better than being the moon to pull the ocean and make all the waves."
Digital transformation of the entertainment scene
On the impact of technology on the entertainment scene, he said, "It's inevitable. It’s the way, or the new way I should say. Theater will always be there, being able to go to the cinema, seeing movies on the big screen, that'll always be there and that will never change. The magic of that will never go away. But the truth of the matter is there are so many ways to consume content now, it’s only natural that other ways are going to arrive."
Regarding his use of technology in his daily routine as an actor, he said. "I don't really Maybe I use it to do a little research on the old interwebs but that would be it."
Stewart listed Alexa Davalos, Margot Martingale and Laura Linney as his dream female acting partners.
For his fans and viewers, he encouraged them to go and see Back Fork.
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