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article imageJanelle Snow talks 'Rain Beau's End,' Carol Burnett, and success Special

By Markos Papadatos     Mar 7, 2021 in Entertainment
Actress Janelle Snow chatted with Digital Journal's Markos Papadatos about starring in the film "Rain Beau's End," which was directed by Tracy Wren.
Snow is best known for her role as Dr. Audrey Lee on NBC's Chicago Med. She is also known for her TV roles in The Beast with the late Patrick Swayze, and Chicago Fire.
In Rain Beau's End, Snow stars alongside Sean Young (Blade Runner and Wall Street) and Ed Asner (Lou Grant and The Mary Tyler Moore Show) star in the moving film, which is available on the global video-on-demand (VOD) service LesFlicks on March 8, 2021. "Honestly, this film was some of the most fun I've ever had on set," she said. "I feel really lucky to be surrounded by supportive human beings. It's almost embarrassing that my face is on the screen so much. It truly was a tremendous team effort."
This is an intimate drama that is set in the late 1990s, which depicts how a progressive lesbian couple's relationship is tested when their adopted son is mislabeled with a genetic predisposition for violence.
Progressive lesbian couple Hannah Driver and Jules Paradise adopt a child named Beau who is subsequently diagnosed with 47, XYY - which was believed at that time to make boys more prone to aggressive behavior, which has since been disproved.
The couple rides the tough journey of Beau's apparent behavioral issues, and how it affects his life, their community, as well as their relationships and their lives.
As Beau grows older, and the research of his condition enhances, Hannah and Jules must face the reality of a self-fulfilling prophecy and the ghosts of their past. "Everyone who watches this film can find a way in, and I hope that they realize that love is worth fighting for. The love between partners and love between a parent and a child, and love between friends. It may not be easy but love is worth fighting for," she said.
Snow's moving and scintillating acting performance in Rain Beau's End is equal in excellence to the quintessential acting performance of veteran actress Kristin Scott Thomas. She carries the film on her shoulders in a raw and dynamic fashion.
She shared that she loved working in this film with iconic actor Ed Asner. "Oh my Gosh. I am a child of the '70s so he was in my living room on a weekly basis with The Mary Tyler Moore Show and Lou Grant. It was surreal to look across the table and see him, I would pinch myself. He was fantastic, fun, and an amazing human being. He was a trooper with good humor and good nature," she said.
"Honestly, Ed was a dream. I couldn't want to tell my parents that Ed was playing my dad," she added.
She acknowledged that the digital age has opened up so many more avenues for moviemaking opportunities. "The digital age is a gamechanger," she admitted. "Now it's a totally new ballgame."
For young and aspiring actors, she said, "It's important to think about the stories that they want to tell. Instead of thinking of themselves as entrepreneurs just waiting to be plugged into someone else's project. The ideal artistic life includes collaborating with fantastic creators. Also, it's important to develop the characters and stories that you want to tell in your heart of hearts and not lose sight of that."
Snow listed Carol Burnett as her dream acting partner in the entertainment industry. "I love her so much. She was such an inspiration to me as a kid," she said.
She defined the word success from a professional standpoint as "people that she has worked with before wanting to work with her again." "Also, having the opportunity to tell stories that cultivate compassion, engagement, and imagination in a way that enhances people's lives," she said.
"Personally, success is to build, nurture, and maintain healthy relationships with her family and a few close friends," she concluded.
To learn more about Janelle Snow, check out her official website and her IMDb page.
Janelle Snow and Amanda Powell in  Rain Beau s End
Janelle Snow and Amanda Powell in 'Rain Beau's End'
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