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article imageInterview: Gil Marsalla talks 'Piaf! The Show' at Carnegie Hall Special

By Markos Papadatos     Dec 22, 2016 in Entertainment
New York - Director Gil Marsalla chatted with Digital Journal about his upcoming "Piaf! The Show" production at Carnegie Hall in New York City.
"We are all excited about this concert and know that New Yorkers will be thrilled to enjoy Edith Piaf's songs and learn more about her life," he said. "Anne Carrere has received rave reviews all over the country so fans are in for a treat. We prepped the show with our U.S. staff who have been really great, so the venue will be very crowded. Tickets are selling very well so and we expect to sell out. Fans on Facebook are ready too. They have sent us a lot of messages that they can't wait to see the show. Carnegie Hall is a dream come true!"
Marsalla shared that he was drawn to Edith Piaf due to her "singularly powerful voice." "Edith Piaf was unique and nobody will ever replace her. You can always recognize her voice if you had to pick her out of a million other singers. All of the over 400 songs that she sang are not only beautiful, they are composed with great lyrics and music and they have all contributed to the legend of Piaf's music. She was also a strong woman with strong character who, throughout her career, made the right choices at the perfect moment. Nobody told her what she needed to do. She had control over everything she did which made her so amazing. She set an example for a lot of people especially artists in France and will always be a part of the French musical heritage," he said.
Regarding the idea for this project, the director said, "During my many travels in 2009, I sensed a real hunger from audiences all over the world to hear the classic French songs of the 20th century. There was particular interest in songs made famous by great artists like Edith Piaf, Charles Aznavour, and Jacques Brel. So, I decided to produce French cabaret shows and tour them internationally. After several years of touring and producing more than 700 concerts worldwide, I can modestly say, as the leading producer of this kind of work, that I have opened up a huge market for this beloved material. It is an ever-expanding vogue, one that grew each year as we created many shows relating to Piaf. For the anniversary of Piaf’s 100th birthday in 2015, I wanted to produce a brand-new show with a new singer, new musicians and new stage decoration to present the best performance ever on Edith Piaf’s life. I spent a year looking for that performer and I found it with Anne Carrere, who has an amazing voice and a great character similar to that of Edith Piaf. She's also a comedian. We spent all 2014 together working and preparing the show. In January 2015, after 300 concerts in 33 countries, we showcased PIAF! THE SHOW in New York at the APAP convention in front of many presenters from all over the world and they loved it."
This project has received rave reviews from fans and critics alike. "I’m very proud of Anne, the musicians, and our entire team. I am from Nice, France which is a little southern French town. I am not from a major city like Paris or New York, so I always knew it was going to be a challenge to succeed in show business. When I hear Anne sing those first notes at Carnegie Hall, 60 years after Piaf’s 1957 performance in same place, it will be a very special moment for me."
On working with Anne, he said, "She’s amazing! She continually impresses me every time I see the wonderful performance she gives. I've seen the show at least 200 times and it is always like seeing it for the first time. It's so emotional for me. Anne is perfect for this role. I don't think she realizes how far she has come in two years, from performing to a small audience to performing Carnegie Hall. She's so generous and always gives 100 percent on stage. In 2015, during our Brazilian tour Anne decided to perform a cappella in middle of the market at Porto Alegre just for fun and for the pleasure of making people happy. She can sing everything from jazz to rock to the classics... and in my 25 years in show business, I am not afraid to say that Anne Carrere is one of the 10 best female voices in the entire world."
He concluded, "Piaf! The Show will continue with a world tour in 2017, 2018 and 2019. We will also be returning to U.S.A. and Canada for 40 performances. I am also the producer of two others shows: PARIS! THE SHOW, a French musical comedy, and Formidable! Aznavour. In 2017, all three of these shows will tour worldwide for the very first time. I am very proud to continue and preserve my native country's musical heritage, and to have spearheaded the renewal of French cabaret by bringing it to audiences all over the globe."
To learn more about this show or to purchase tickets, visit the official Carnegie Hall website.
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