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article imageInterview: Film director Eric Rivas discusses 'Vamp Bikers' Special

By Markos Papadatos     Nov 14, 2016 in Entertainment
Film director Eric Rivas chatted with Digital Journal about the latest installment of "Vamp Bikers." He opened up about the actors and their roles.
Who is the targeted audience for the Gonzo Shock Horror Trilogy?
"My intention is to reach everyone. I never saw differences in people. When I was a teen I created a group called space babies in high school and it included the rockers, the jocks, the hip hop generation and I guess anyone that was human. A lot of work has changed and these groups don't really exist as much. In a weird way, I feel I can reach the machismo of gangsters all the way to LGBT. Maybe it's a vain wish. But I believe we all got two eyes and have same concerns and need to laugh. I truly made a film for anyone I hope."
What inspired you to create these types of films?
"I loved Vampires. I felt it was catchy but wanted to make contemporary vampires with same conditions. Need blood, don't sleep, lived forever and put them in a contemporary setting. I love masks and the change of mind set of villains. A true monster mash."
How would you describe the premise of the third installment, Vamp Bikers?
"I’d say that it is the unveiling of the trilogy. It's a vague answer there but it's important I don't give away why. We see monsters and the creation of monsters as Dr. Frankenstein made. We see behind the curtain best way to see it. Fears usually have been created. I wanted to show the architectural lay out of a nightmare."
Have you received backlash for casting two convicted criminals?
"I have not received any back lash. I feel maybe it's cause they know this is a movie. They are not to be made saints in this. We are all misfits. Misfits that fit here. I met them after the facts of their situations and not my job to judge. I need actors and they are willing and talented."
Why was it important for you to cast Michael Alig and Lillo Brancato?
"Well, Lillo is a hard skilled actor with training in the biggest boot camp in my arsenal. Being on set with Deniro, he's got to have gold to give on camera. He's definitely grown into a friend. Michael Alig is a charming individual who has had people in awe of his persona for a while and to harness it into acting was fun and I think he liked it. We are similar in age so it's an age thing and we get a long. I think these folks no how to hold camera attention."
What do Ron Jeremy and Michael Musto bring to their roles?
"Ron Jeremy brought about 300 films of skill into his scene. I gave him a monologue and he digested it into a clever ad-lib that was on the money. He also seems to understand every aspect of film and never judged me and made us all laugh. Michael Musto is a skilled actor with great discipline and team oriented behavior on set. He became an anchor. In every film i get an actor that anchors and he did in the best way. He gave us put villain..Very detailed and able to act out any scene. He was a great presence."
How did you manage to keep the budget at $10,000?
"By generous friends that chip in for pizza, food and locations. Locations are either given to us by request by asking permission or just shooting without permission. All of the editing is done by me so there is a huge savings right there . I do have a great camera woman named Martine Emile who worked so hard to help me make it happen and was out in the rain and snow with me. She brings her own equipment to shoot. The sound itself was done with an iPhone sound app on my own phone and I sync it."
Will you be showcasing Vamp Bikers at upcoming film festivals? Please list the confirmed festivals.
"We’ll be screening the film again at Anthology Film Archives (32 2nd Ave in NYC) on Friday, December 23rd at 8 p.m."
To learn more about VAMP Bikers, check out their official Facebook page.
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