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article imageIan Ziering discusses DC Universe series 'Swamp Thing' on The CW Special

By Markos Papadatos     Sep 28, 2020 in Entertainment
Veteran actor Ian Ziering ("90210" fame) chatted with Digital Journal's Markos Papadatos about the DC Universe series "Swamp Thing," where he plays the roles of Daniel Cassidy and Blue Devil on The CW, which starts airing on October 6.
"Swamp Thing is a top of the food chain production," he admitted. "Playing a superhero myself, the Blue Devil, appeals to the eight-year-old in me, who was always a fan of comics and always watched superhero movies. To be able to play one for DC Universe is literally a dream come true. 85 percent of the special effects are practical, where they are done for real. They accomplished this on a level that I have never seen before in television."
"This TV series has a film quality production and it's extraordinary. This series has masterful storytellers and we have some of the best directors in film working on this project. The Blue Devil is a badass," he said. "The science fiction fans and the superhero fans are the strongest, most supportive fans in all of entertainment."
"The fans should put their seat belts on. There will be a 90 minute premiere episode on The CW. Practical effects are so much more superior to what is generated out of a computer. They take Swamp Thing to a height that has never been recreated. This is such a badass series that it is going to leave you wanting and demanding more episodes. Once again, it's a top of the food chain production. People are going to want more, and we are going to have to do some more. We can even see a split off series on the Blue Devil himself," he added.
He shared that it was exciting for him to produce and star in the TV movie Zombie Tidal Wave on Syfy last year. "We shot that in Thailand and spent seven weeks over there. What a beautiful country Thailand is," he exclaimed. "I am really proud of the movie and the way it came out. The editing was flawless, and the music design really heightened and built all the tense moments. I had a great cast, I was really lucky."
Ziering acknowledged that life during quarantine has been "challenging" in Los Angeles. "It is one of the COVID hot spots in the world," he said. "I stayed at home and I washed my hands all the time. With this enemy, you can't use a chainsaw, you need to use a mask. I am keeping everything covered. It's a sad and very tough time. I am surviving."
"The human spirit will not be denied, it will find a way," he added. "Us humans, we find a way to add a little joy and find the ray of sunshine in a dark sky, and I see that here around town. I see people being a lot nicer to each other. I am finding the joy and I am holding on to that."
His plans for the future are to "deepen the loves that he has with his family and friends, as well as to create more memories with them." "Continued personal growth, and I hope to be a little bit more organized," he said.
On the title of the current chapter of his life, he said, "To Be Continued..."
When asked which stroke he would do in swimming, Ziering responded, "I swam in high school and I was on the diving team in college. In high school, I swam the breaststroke in the 200 meter medley relay, and that was probably my best stroke. The butterfly was something that always challenged me but I would have loved to become proficient in that and make that look beautiful. I would love to have that ability. It's a very dynamic movement."
Ziering equates the word success to happiness. "If you can find happiness, then I think that's success," he said. "Success is happiness, and happiness equals success."
To learn more about actor Ian Ziering, follow him on Instagram and on Twitter.
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