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article imageErika De La Cruz opens up about 'Dream Life' series on FYI TV Special

By Markos Papadatos     Aug 28, 2020 in Entertainment
Actress and TV personality Erika De La Cruz chatted with Digital Journal's Markos Papadatos about the series "Dream Life" on FYI.
On being a part of Dream Life, she said, "Dream Life was a project I'll never forget. It was surreal to be a part of something with people who really look up to, like Caitlin Jenner for her bravery and Deepak Chopra for his endless wisdom! It was daunting at first, to take that amount of time to film a project, but in the end, I just had a blast daily. I met so many new people and learned a ton about creating a show and everything that goes into it. I think my career in personal development and broadcasting merged inside this opportunity which was really neat to discover."
She opened up about Passion to Paycheck. "It is an annual event and online membership community centered around personal development & entrepreneurship. Both have an element of Television to them, because we bring in guest speakers and feature inside the portal, Personality sfro, every side of TV & Personal branding in the process," she said.
Regarding her daily motivations, she said, "I think finding your 'why' is incredibly important. Somewhere along the lines, I discovered that my purpose is really to help other people feel less alone. To aid them in getting out of their own way and into the life they've always dreamt of. Thinking about this is what keeps me inspired."
On being a media personality in the digital age, she said, "Wow, so different from what I imagine it used to be. I started my career in radio and even then, the entire industry was beginning to include visual components and video on their websites and social platforms."
She continued, "Where before, you were typically a 'personality' on a show, or had your own, nowadays it's a bit of a '360 degrees lifestyle,' meaning the lines have been blurred between Personalities and Personal Brands a bit more. I think the one thing that is still constant though, is you do have to have a skill set and talent on camera, or on the air waves to get jobs traditionally meant for personalities."
"I think that's why there hasn't been this huge uptick in converting bloggers to television successfully quite yet... because they are in fact, separate and different, but do in fact, compliment one another," she added.
For young and aspiring actors, she said, "I'd say your belief in yourself and what you can do is key. At the end of the day, you have to be your own biggest cheerleader."
On the best advice she was ever given, she said, "I think the best advice came from a book I read actually (Rocket Fuel, by Gino Wickman and Mark C. Winters.) And that was- that whether you're a creative visionary type person, or an operational, integrator type person- you aren't missing anything! The key is to work with others who compliment and complete the skill set. The advice was to actually 'stay in my zone of genius'."
"Until then, I had been struggling to learn everything and getting down on myself when I couldn't do an excel spreadsheet easily. Now, that is totally changed: instead of asking how I can learn it, I ask myself, who already loves it and how can I work with that person," she said.
She defined the word success as "loving my daily life." "Even the days where nothing "grand" is happening. Life is primarily made of your days.. so if you integrate spaces, people, routines and work you love into them- to me, that's true fulfillment," she said.
Viewers and fans can catch Dream Life Sundays on FYI. "Dream Life follows the arrival of Australian Author and Matchmaker, Serena De Comarmond, to Los Angeles. She is building a business and a 'talk show' within a show" in the series. You'll take away laughter, fun, highs and lows that probably emulate your own journey in some way," she said.
Erika De La Cruz
Erika De La Cruz
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