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article imageEileen Davidson talks '7 Days to Vegas' film, digital age, fans Special

By Markos Papadatos     Jul 1, 2020 in Entertainment
Emmy award-winning actress Eileen Davidson chatted with Digital Journal's Markos Papadatos about the film "7 Days to Vegas," which was directed by Eric Balfour.
7 Days to Vegas was co-written by her husband, Vincent Van Patten (who also stars in the film), and Steve Alper. "It was my idea for Vincent to write it. We were hanging out on our anniversary and we were rollerblading. We were talking about a movie that just came out that was based on a true story and it wasn't very well made. I told him to write his story about everything that goes on in the crazy world that he lives in," she said.
"He was a husband and a father by day, and at night, all of these insane stories would come about in the world of poker. Vincent wasn't really in a time and place to write and to do a movie but I talked him into it. That's how 7 Days to Vegas came about," she said.
In 7 Days to Vegas, Davidson plays the character KC. 'KC is based on me, which is kind of fun. KC is in that world and understands it. This strange, subculture hobby is a major part of their lives," she said.
Davidson complimented the film's ending for being "the most fantastic thing about the movie." "This is a feel-good movie that really is so satisfying," she said. "Without giving too much away, it has a great ending."
She praised Kim Waltrip, Adam Weinraub, and Kara Weinraub, all of which served as the film's co-producers. "They are great, They became friends over the course of time. It took a few years to get this project made so we were together a lot, especially when it came out. We became friends with a shared project and a shared vision," she said.
Don Stark  Eileen Davidson and Vincent Van Patten in  7 Days to Vegas
Don Stark, Eileen Davidson and Vincent Van Patten in '7 Days to Vegas'
Photo Courtesy of '7 Days to Vegas'
On being an actress in the digital age, Davidson said, "Obviously, you have that with reruns but that is completely different now because the movie is alive forever digitally. You can find it at any time you want, and it's easy to access."
Regarding her daily motivations, she remarked, "I have always been very creative ever since I was a kid. I was motivated to be creating something, whether it is painting or playing an instrument. I'm always motivated to create in some fashion. I'm cooking a lot, and I am always doing something. It's just my nature."
Eileen Davidson  Vincent Van Patten  and James Van Patten in  7 Days to Vegas
Eileen Davidson, Vincent Van Patten, and James Van Patten in '7 Days to Vegas'
Photo Courtesy of '7 Days to Vegas'
When asked how she handled being dialogue-heavy in the daytime soap opera world, she said, "It takes a good memory and discipline to memorize it. I have been doing it for a very long time. Sometimes, I look at the script like it's my enemy because I see a lot of time that I have to put into it. Basically, I open it, and usually, I work out while I am doing it. I've learned that it helps you memorize lines when you are actually exercising. I learn the script faster that way."
Her mantle holds two Daytime Emmy Awards. "Those were great. It's always nice to get a nod, right?" she said. "There are a lot of super terrific actors in daytime, for sure. The cream rises to the top."
For Davidson and her family, quarantine has been all right. "I am pretty creative, so I've been cooking a lot, painting and playing guitar, and doing all sorts of things to keep busy. I have been honing skills that I've already had. It has been like an interesting vacation," she said. "I was supposed to start a movie this month, which has gotten postponed due to COVID-19 so that was disappointing."
She also spoke about her experience on the hit TV show The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills on Bravo. "It has been a ride. I have been off of it for three years, but I did a couple of appearances on the show that will air soon,' she said.
Over the last five years, she acknowledged that she feels more at peace with her life. "I really wanted to take some time for myself, and that has been very gratifying, and very important for me as a person. It has been great to be there for my family," she said.
On balancing motherhood and an acting career, she said, "It takes a village. It takes a lot of help and I am pretty good at multi-tasking. I am able to juggle a lot of different things. I have been lucky though because the shows that I have been on have been very flexible so I never missed any of my kids' school events. I was always there."
She recalled that she has had the good fortune to visit the country of Greece. "I have been to Santorini and Athens. I spent 10 days in Santorini years ago, it was amazing. The people there were fantastic. I had a great time," she said.
Regarding the key to longevity in acting and entertainment, she said, "Say 'yes' to things such as auditions and putting yourself out there. If you really want to keep at it, you can."
For young and aspiring actors, she said, "Take classes and work at it. Study, study, study. Can't get enough of that. Watch movies, read plays, and go to acting class. Keep working at it."
On the title of the current chapter of her life, she responded, "Still crazy after all of these years."
7 Days to Vegas is available for streaming on Amazon Prime. It earned a glowing review from Digital Journal, and rightfully so. "It's a great movie and a really fun ride that is inspired by a true story, and it won't disappoint," she told her fans about 7 Days to Vegas.
 7 Days to Vegas
'7 Days to Vegas'
7 Days to Vegas
Davidson defined the word success as "contentment across the board."
For her fans and supporters, Davidson concluded, "Thank you so much for hanging in there, and for watching all of the different things that I've done over the years. Thanks for being entertained and letting me entertain you."
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