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article imageDaphna Ziman talks about 'Oliver Black' film on Cinémoi Special

By Markos Papadatos     Dec 14, 2020 in Entertainment
Cinémoi president Daphna Ziman chatted about "Oliver Black," which was directed by Tawfik Baba. It will be featured exclusively on the Cinémoi channel on Thursday, December 17 at 5 p.m. PST/ 8 p.m. EST.
It tells the story of Vendredi (which translates into Friday), a young Black African boy, who crosses the desert alone to Morocco, in order to fulfill his dreams of joining the circus. He meets White Man, an elderly man, who has had lost his camel. They subsequently begin a journey into a harsh and difficult no man's land and build a deep father and son bond. The White Man teaches the boy the lessons of the desert and of humanity.
Those moments bind them to each other, especially when Friday saves White Man's life, and White Man saves the boy from great danger. Instead of a boy reaching his dream of the circus, he enters the nightmare of ISIS and becomes Oliver Black.
"Oliver Black is a very unique film, whereby the visual impact is mesmerizing because every shot is like a painting. Also, it's like 'poetry in motion,' because the dialog is so poetic. For me, it was being a part of such an artistic expression in spite of the backdrop revealing the utmost crimes of humanity."
Her favorite part of this experience was "the bond that can be created between adversaries."
When asked about her career-defining moments in this film, she responded, "I saw the humanity, even in the trafficker."
"Cinémoi is a window to quality and distinction in media," she said. "Therefore, it allows filmmakers to create special films with a deep message. Also, the philanthropic efforts of Cinémoi open the door for filmmakers to explore issues that ail the world."
On being a producer in the digital age, she remarked, "The digital age allows producers to delve into a more experiential approach to film making because of the instantaneous ability to capture emotions on film. Whereby the advantage of classic film making was the ability to utilize lighting to tell a story alongside the action performed."
For young and aspiring filmmakers, she offered them the following advice: "My advice to young and aspiring filmmakers is to adhere to storytelling." "Ultimately, it's the story that forms the foundation for a film. The better the story the better the film. Beyond the actual film production is the necessity never to take 'no' for an answer. Perseverance, is the most crucial element in filmmaking," she said.
She noted that the word success "is the moment a story is translated into a film." "It is the privilege of gaining the support of a team to create an artistic expression that remains in the world of film forever," she explained.
Oliver Black tells a very poetic story of a trafficker and a teenage victim who find humanity and love against impossible obstacles in the desert, and find the harshness of inhumanity in the civilized world," she concluded. "It is a 'must-see' film that focuses on how 'survival', can often force people into living in a world of danger, hate, and betrayals."
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To learn more about Oliver Black, check out the offical Cinémoi website.
 Oliver Black  film on Cinémoi
'Oliver Black' film on Cinémoi
Photo courtesy of Cinémoi
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