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article imageDaan Creyghton opens up about 'Hunter Street' on Nickelodeon Special

By Markos Papadatos     Jul 22, 2019 in Entertainment
Dutch actor Daan Creyghton chatted with Digital Journal about "Hunter Street" on Nickelodeon, which is returning for its third season. He also spoke about the impact of streaming and technology on the entertainment scene.
On being a part of the third season of Hunter Street, he said, "I couldn’t be more excited about Hunter Street returning. This season, the mystery will be bigger than ever. There are 30 episodes instead of 20, more amazing characters and the Hunters go to locations they have never been before, where many secrets will be revealed. Of course, there will be lots of funny scenes as well. You truly don't want to miss it."
Regarding his experience on the Nickelodeon show, "I love everything about working on this show and everything that comes with it. It was my first experience being a lead on a show, so I can say it is the best experience ever. My cast members and the crew feel like my second family and I am always happy to see them even early in the morning."
"When filming for the second season finished, I really missed seeing them every day, so we made it a point to still see each other for birthdays and other parties," he said.
"Apart from the on set experience, I really enjoyed the script. It's so mysterious and it’s always an adventure to get to live it day in and day out," he added.
On his daily motivations as an actor, he said, "I find motivation in stepping outside of my comfort zone and having the opportunity to portray someone other than myself. I also love being challenged daily and being pushed to be the absolute best I can be."
"On set, I learn new ways to react in certain situations, how to adapt, how to come up with creative solutions and to think about how Sal, who is so different from me, would act and react," he said.
Creyghton continued, "Another big motivator for me is the connection I have to not only the project material itself but the people involved. Most of all I hope to be a role model for my fans, to inspire them to believe in themselves and to always chase their dreams, which is exactly what I'm doing."
For young and aspiring actors, he said, "If you really love acting, then never give up and pursue that dream. Above all, if you want other people to believe in you, you must start with believing in yourself first. If you meet challenges and roadblocks, accept them as learning lessons and a part of the process and try to move forward but never let it hold you back."
"I am a firm believer that if you want something badly enough you will achieve it. Believe in yourself and then others will too," he added.
Digital transformation of the entertainment business
On the impact of streaming services and technology on the entertainment industry, he said, "I believe streaming services have opened a door for more content and more creativity. They give everyone the opportunity to access some of their favorite shows and films, right at their fingertips."
"I also believe it provides opportunities for new talent and creatives to reach larger audiences, to grow, and to impact the global community in a much more efficient manner," he added.
Regarding his use of technology in his daily routine as an actor, he said, "Since I live in the Netherlands, I do a lot self-taped
auditions for roles outside the country. I use my camera to tape, and after taping I send it over to the US."
"I also use Skype quite a bit for coaching sessions before an audition, and if I want to connect with my manager in Los Angeles, then I call him over FaceTime," he said.
For Creyghton, social media is of utmost importance. "Social media is also very important for me because it is how I can communicate with my fans. Appreciation from my fans is what gives me the motivation and courage to continue with my dream, and I hope I can also inspire them to follow their dreams. Social media is also great for creating my own content which helps to build my brand," he elaborated.
He listed the following actors as his dream acting partners: Ansel Elgort, Jake Gyllenhaal, Tom Holland, Jennifer Aniston, and Zendaya. "They're all very different, but I think that they are all extremely talented in their own way, and I believe I can learn a lot from them and the roles they choose. More importantly, they seem to be genuine and kind people," he said.
For his fans, he concluded about Hunter Street on Nickelodeon, "Tune in for an amazing third season full of mysteries and secrets. We are extremely excited for you to see it so let us know via Instagram what you think of these new episodes. Thank you all for supporting Hunter Street. Without all of you, we wouldn't be where we are today. A huge thank you to all of you."
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