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article imageCatching up with Victoria Konefal of 'Days of Our Lives' Special

By Markos Papadatos     Apr 9, 2020 in Entertainment
Emmy-nominated actress Victoria Konefal ("Days of Our Lives") chatted with Digital Journal about her latest endeavors while in quarantine during the COVID-19. She spoke about working with Robert Scott Wilson and about upcoming fan events.
"Quarantine has been good so far," she said. "I have a lot of time to find new ways to entertain myself, which is a fun and challenging opportunity. I've been reading a lot, watching a lot of movies and TV shows, and spending time with my dog."
Konefal, who portrays Ciara Brady on the hit NBC daytime drama Days of Our Lives, acknowledged that it took a "lot of hard work" to make Ben's execution scenes happen. "We all did it collectively. It was a huge group effort. I needed to have someone to react off of, and the situation was so crazy that I completed immersed myself into the process of filming that. It was 100 percent adrenaline keeping me through," she said.
"That was a long, strenuous day, but I like those days because I get to go home and say that I did a good day's work. I gave it everything I had and it was one of my favorite feeling as an actor," she said.
She subsequently praised her luminous on-screen acting partner Robert Scott Wilson (who plays Ben Weston), which as known as the #Cin couple. "We have been a super-couple for about a year and a half now, and it has been great working with him," she said.
In the Days of Our Lives scenes that aired this past summer, she had the good fortune to work with such fellow actor Brandon Beemer (Shawn-Douglas Brady). "Working with Brandon is wonderful. He is talented and sweet, and I wish I had the opportunity to work with him more often," she said.
When asked how she handles being dialogue-heavy, she said, "I've always found that dialogue is the least of my concerns. Ever since I was younger I've always had an act for it. I spend a couple of hours memorizing my lines the night before each episode. Then, I wake up the next day and I shoot it. Once you've been doing it for 2.5 years, you get used to it."
This summer, Konefal is looking forward to being a part of the #Cinful Days StarStruck fan event in Providence, Rhode Island. "Paul and Keith at StarStruck are being me, Robert Scott Wilson, Kate Mansi, as well as Judi Evans, Matt Ashford, Eric Martsolf. It's an event where the fans can hang out with us for the weekend and have a blast. It should be fun," she said.
Konefal plays the crazy antagonist in the forthcoming horror indie Fog City. "That was the first role I ever booked, and it gave me the courage to move to California and pursue acting in the first place. I am very grateful for it. Once it comes out, you can see how I am the supervillain in this entire movie. That was incredibly fun to film. I will gladly take another villainous role if it came around. I am capable of a lot more than sweet Ciara Brady," she said.
On the title of the current chapter of her life, she said, "Embracing the wait." "I think we all fall under the same title," she admitted.
If she were to compete in any track and field event, she noted that she would be an Ironman Triathlon. "The Ironman Triathlon is insanely challenging and I enjoy challenging myself," she said.
Last summer, she had nothing but great words about being a part of Penny MacGregor's Star Image Entertainment fan event in Montreal, Canada, where the proceeds went towards the Cedars CanSupport charity. "I did that fan event with Olivia Rose Keegan, where we were surprise guests. We made it happen last minute," she said.
For many viewers, Days of Our Lives is a shared, multi-generational experience, which they would watch with their parents and grandparents. "They would all want it together, and that is a beautiful, family tradition," she said.
She expressed her appreciation to Days of Our Lives fans for being "extremely supportive." "There are girls that are messaging me on social media and they are just telling me that I make their days better, and that is really rewarding. To think that I have the power to do that because I film a TV show, and they watch the TV show, and they feel better by watching me is pretty special. I am humbled by the opportunity to do that. The fans are just awesome," she said.
Speaking of her fans, she encouraged them to "stay positive" during these trying times, and she is wishing them "a lot of love."
On the best advice she was ever given, she responded, "I think the funniest thing I've ever learned is that a raised eyebrow can potentially raise the stakes of any scene."
Konefal defined the word success as "fulfillment in yourself and where you are going in life." "Also, understanding that you can't measure success by anything other than how you value yourself," she said.
To learn more about Emmy-nominated actress Victoria Konefal, follow her on Twitter and on Instagram.
Victoria Konefal of  Days of Our Lives
Victoria Konefal of 'Days of Our Lives'
Chris Haston, NBC
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