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article imageBehind the Lens: Zachary Smith has found his magic in photography Special

By Markos Papadatos     Sep 13, 2020 in Entertainment
Rising actor and gifted photographer Zachary Smith chatted with Digital Journal's Markos Papadatos while quarantined during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Behind every master photographer is an understudy that is just as unique and noteworthy. Photographer Zachary Smith is such a distinct individual.
Smith is the newest member of the BK Headshots team in Los Angeles and has been working in the arts and entertainment business for the last six years. He has lived abroad and worked with various artists, photographers and filmmakers in different countries. His main focus through his photography and work is storytelling via the use of visual mediums in an effort to connect his audiences to characters. "It's funny because since I started, I was working really hard to master his style, and he has been evolving his style too," he reflected.
"I have been experimenting as well and that has been so valuable," he added.
"Working with Bjoern Kommerell has been an amazing experience," he admitted. "Even how we met was such a surprise for us. I was searching for someone to teach me and help me master the cinematic way of capturing people. We ended up finding each other because Bjoern was looking for an apprentice. It has been incredible from day one.."
Celebrity photographer Bjoern Kommerell
Celebrity photographer Bjoern Kommerell
Bjoern Kommerell
On being an actor and a photographer in the digital age, he said, "I am grateful. It is nice to be a position where I am meeting a lot of creatives and just talking about everything with them. I get to grow in all of these aspects at the same."
For young and aspiring photographers and actor, he encouraged them to strive for their goals in an effort to achieve success. "Actors are the only artists I know that see themselves on an artistic level, and that's cool, there is nothing wrong with that," he said. "I enjoy photography for the cinematics of it, and Bjoern would say the same thing because he loves photography."
Actor and photographer Zachary Smith
Actor and photographer Zachary Smith
Bjoern Kommerell
Regarding the title of the current chapter of his life, Smith responded, "The Magician," thus expressing his love for magic and mentalism and perceiving the craft as an illusion presentation. "I have been embarking on a new chapter and I have been thinking about that recently. I don't ever want to get complacent and I enjoy pushing myself to my limits when it comes to photography and acting. I always know that there are mirrors and smoke. Even, as a photographer, it's about immersing people into the act. The same as when you are in a magic show, you are in the moment."
Smith defined the word success as the "Goldilocks word," which involves achieving a certain goal. "For me, I don't have one big goal, I have multiple goals that lead me in a specific direction," he said.
Photographer and actor Zachary Smith
Photographer and actor Zachary Smith
Bjoern Kommerell
To learn more about actor and photographer Zachary Smith, follow him on Instagram, or check out the official BK Headshots website.

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