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article imageAnthony Famulari talks 'Wild Wild Yogis' series, and digital age Special

By Markos Papadatos     Oct 29, 2020 in Entertainment
Actor Anthony Famulari chatted with Digital Journal's Markos Papadatos about the series "Wild Wild Yogis," his daily motivations, and being a performer in the digital age.
On life during the quarantine, he said, "Fortunately, I've had plenty to keep me busy during quarantine with work on Wild Wild Yogis and other projects. It’s a challenging time for sure, but it’s also kind of forced people to work within new creative confines which can sometimes produce some really cool stuff. When I'm writing a script I have to think, 'okay, but what can I actually film right now?' Overcoming those kinds of limitations with creative solutions can produce some really interesting stuff and I think we’re already starting to see some of it."
"More than anything, Wild Wild Yogis presented me with an opportunity to throw on a wig and squeeze into some tight bicycle shorts," he said. "Beyond that, I'd say that it’s been the most rewarding project I’ve ever been a part of. Everyone involved put so much work into it, we had such a great time making it, and we’ve created something that we’re all really proud of and excited to show people."
"Playing a character like the Guru kind of demands that you have fun with the role," he said. "You need to give yourself the freedom to look ridiculous and make wild choices for any of it to work. So once you remove the self-consciousness and second-guessing, all that’s left is to throw yourself into it and have some fun. We all had a great time with the acting side of things on this project and I think that really comes through."
Famulari opened up about working with Noreen Taylor Diani and Ashley Atwood. "Noreen is awesome and has been really supportive and helpful throughout the production process. But I definitely worked much more closely with Ashley and I can tell you, as can anyone who’s ever worked with her, that she is the absolute best. She’s a tenacious producer who can also show up on set as an actor and deliver a great performance. We were all wearing a lot of hats for this project, but Ashley set the tone with her energy and commitment," he said.
On being an actor in the digital age, he said, "I think if Wild Wild Yogis is evidence of anything, it’s that we’re not just actors. And I don’t mean that as a slight against actors or acting, only that we saw an opportunity to create something and we knew that limiting ourselves to the role of the actor wasn’t gonna cut it. With filmmaking tools becoming more and more accessible, there’s no reason that the roles of writer, actor, director, and producer shouldn’t bleed into each other. My goal has never been to act. It’s been to create. And there’s no better time to create than right now."
Regarding his inspirations from a creative standpoint, he said, "I’m sure that what inspires me creatively changes from day to day. Watching a great movie or listening to a great song or having an interesting conversation - sometimes just shutting out the constant external stimuli and being alone with my thoughts does the trick. Whatever it is, I don’t bother chasing it. I think sometimes people get hung up on 'inspiration' and forget about the 'perspiration' part. I just do the work and trust that the inspiration will find me."
On his definition of the word success, Famulari said, "Success to me is all about setting goals and following through. With Wild Wild Yogis, everyone at Thursday Afternoon Films set the goal to create a series that was far more ambitious than anything we had done before. To that end, Wild Wild Yogis is already a success. But we’ve set more goals along the way that we’re excited to see through. I know one goal we all share is for this series to be something that connects with people. We’ve had such a great time making it and are incredibly proud of the show, but seeing it resonate with the people who watch it will be the ultimate success."
Famulari concluded about Wild Wild Yogis, "If you’ve ever found yourself anxiously checking your phone to see how many likes your last social media post got, Wild Wild Yogis is the show for you. It’s funny, it’s heartfelt, and you get to watch me run around in a wig and tight, tight bicycle shorts. So there’s something for everybody."
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