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article imageActress Brooke Lewis talks about preparing for her wedding day Special

By Markos Papadatos     Apr 12, 2019 in Entertainment
Award-winning actress Brooke Lewis chatted exclusively with Digital Journal about her preparations for her wedding. The "Scream Queen" also spoke about the impact of technology on the entertainment business and gave advice for aspiring actors.
When asked about the important moments leading up to her wedding, Lewis said, "There have been so many important moments leading up to our wedding that we would be here writing an epic novel. But, the most important moment for me leading up to the wedding is having met the one for me, my soul mate, my twin flame, a bit later in my life, not in my twenties."
Lewis continued, "To know that I chose 'the one' and he chose me, and we found each other. And that’s been the most blessed moment of all. Then, I would have to give a shout out to Mark, Katz PR and Greg Doherty for creating the most amazing surprise engagement at Griffith Observatory, that I could have ever imagined, with our 'Old Hollywood' theme, which started then, and has continued throughout our wedding planning process."
"Huge life lessons from these moments, after the marriage into our future, and to know that in so many ways I’m blessed with so many gifts, things and people, all throughout both of our lives and now our lives together," she added.
Lewis chose to title her wedding "Brooke and Mark's Marriage Soiree…The Magic Of Hollywood," because, there’s nothing really wedding-like or traditional about it. "This is an absolute crazy event, crazy party, a celebration of love and life for two people who came together and have the most wonderful people in our lives, and we're merging them together, so this soiree is the most amazing celebration of everyone and everything that we care about and who we love," she said.
"We celebrate our guests as much as we celebrate our marriage vows. It really is an extravaganza, and since I was a little girl back East, I've always dreamed of having that Hollywood Wedding. I’m an old soul and I always dreamed of having an 'Old Hollywood' themed wedding, and that’s what our Marriage Soiree is about," she said.
"It's about transporting our guests and ourselves and our love to a different era, a different time, at the famous Houdini Estate, where everyone should feel like they are a superstar, everyone should walk the red carpet, everyone should feel like the most beautiful person in the world and we will all be there dancing and singing together like an Oscar after-party that has been my dream since childhood and we are incredibly, incredibly blessed," she said.
Actress Brooke Lewis and Dr. Payman Simoni
Actress Brooke Lewis and Dr. Payman Simoni
Guillermo Proano
As a treat before her big day, she revealed that she is getting a special treatment by Dr. Simoni. "I am excited about the entire experience. First and foremost, huge thank you to Samer who invited me to partake in this experience and process with Dr. Simoni. Dr. Simoni is world renowned and has an incredible reputation in surgical and skin care," she said.
"I'm so grateful that Dr. Simoni is taking the time to give me a pre-wedding marriage beauty day to beautify this stressed out bride-to-be, as I have had so much stress and so many sleepless nights, and so much of this planning has fallen apart, then been brought back together," she said.
"I feel like I’ve aged about 10 years in the last year that we’ve been producing this event, so I’m excited to be pampered and beautified, and have Dr. Simoni work on the bags under my eyes and work on my tired skin, and give me this lovely facial that will detox me and make me feel like I want to look in my bridal photos," she said.
Lewis added, "My favorite part of the day is receiving a generous gift of pampering and beauty, and for Dr. Simoni and his team to take the time out of their busy schedules to create something that is so magical for a bride-to-be to make me feel so beautiful from this day forward, until the wedding day, so I will look vibrant in photos, and that I’m so thankful for."
The actress is considered the "Scream Queen" in the horror movie world. "I have been asked what my feelings are about the title of a Scream Queen for so many years now, and I always respond the same way: to me, a Scream Queen is a title that is bestowed upon you; it is not a title that you just wake up one day and say, 'I'm a Scream Queen.' It’s something that is an honor in the horror genre, and something that is bestowed upon you by people in the community in the horror genre and industry."
"I always say, 'A Scream Queen to me, in my humble opinion, is a sexy, powerful actress on-screen in the horror genre,' and I love it. My horror fans are die-hard (pun intended) and they are the 'soap opera fans' of the film industry. They are so supportive of me and all the films I do in the industry. And, I'm one lucky gal."
Digital transformation of the entertainment business
On the impact of technology on the entertainment business, Lewis said, "I want to always be respectful and say it's always a blessing and a curse, and in all honesty, I would like to start with a negative and end with a positive. If I start with a negative, I do feel that old cliché, that anyone now who picks up a camera at Best Buy and calls himself/herself a filmmaker, without any classes, training or due diligence, can do so."
She continued, "There are all these platforms that will honor their work. I dare not call it art because I'm an 'OG,' coming from old school artistry of film-making and acting, it’s just not the world we live in now. The curse of technology and online distribution has created a medium for a million other filmmakers and content creators that would not have had this opportunity in the past."
"The online distribution outlets have created a medium for a lot of content to be seen, a lot of content to be shared with the world, and I am a firm believer that everyone should share their art and heart with the world. But, this is a way that they can show and share content that may not be what someone who started in the industry 20 years ago would consider super artistic and/or professional," she said.
"Technology also does gives actors who aren't A-list, according to Hollywood, like myself, a way to create more opportunity to have that (Netflix, Amazon or Hulu series) or a viewership on Amazon Prime for our films, including our short films, if they pass the qualifications," she said.
"That is not something, someone like myself, would typically have on network TV, so it is amazing for that purpose alone. To give someone like me, a longtime actor, an additional opportunity to do what I love and to showcase my work on these digital platforms," she said.
Regarding her use of technology in her daily routine as an actress, she said, "My Katz PR team will love this, they have instilled in me the importance of social media. I feel, in all honesty, it has been such a blessing and a curse for my career and life. I feel that from the Internet, that shows my older films: genre films and my mobster movies, you can find any of those on these digital platforms, so it does create a space for us to promote our work our past and current work on these platforms."
She continued, "As a routine, I’m always promoting my work on social media. As an actress, people who may not have ever known my face or name prior to Instagram, now do, as it is a platform for me to showcase where I’ll be appearing, signing autographs and our next film festival. It’s such a great media outlet for my friends and family, especially since many of my family and friends are not in California."
"I'm from Philadelphia, New Jersey, and New York," she said. As an East Coast girl, so many people I love are back East and everywhere else. It’s a great way to stay in contact with everyone and let them know what I’m doing as an actress, and something I didn’t have the opportunity to do when I was starting out."
For young and aspiring actors, who wish to go into horror films, she said, "Stay in your lane, follow your heart, never give up on your dreams, and create a persona for yourself that is true for yourself and your artistic integrity, do not let people change you, do not change unless it’s for an acting role that you need to change your entire appearance into your work, bring your heart, passion, and creativity."
"I will always speak about integrity and that's one thing, I might have lost roles over the years because I’ve chosen to commit. I passed on a lot of films because they didn’t resonate with me. That’s the best advice I can give. Commit to your heart and artistic integrity. And, the last part is, do your homework, keep studying, keep taking classes and workshops," she said.
"Really master yourself and your art and where you belong in the business. As far as horror, stay true to you and don’t take roles or films just because they’re offered to you. Stay true to what you choose and what you believe in," she added.
For her fans and supporters, she concluded, "I just want to say from the bottom of my heart a huge thank you to my family, friends, fans, and reps in Hollywood and New York, through the challenges and hardships, and I only hope that the best is yet to come."
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