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article imageActor London Brown talks 'Ballers' on HBO, photography, stand-up Special

By Markos Papadatos     Jul 20, 2018 in Entertainment
Actor London Brown chatted with Digital Journal about being in the HBO series "Ballers." He also spoke about his stand-up comedy, his love for photography and the digital transformation of the entertainment business.
On his experience on Ballers, where he stars opposite "The Rock," Brown said, "Working on the show has been great. The cast has a good chemistry off set. So, working together on set makes it easy. A major reason for this is because of Dwayne [Johnson]. He has such a solid focused attitude, the rest of us naturally share the same vibe, which in return creates a well-oiled machine and series."
Regarding his future plans, he said, "Working on the road doing stand-up. That's nonstop in between filming and photography. In my downtown, I've been shooting a lot cause I'm working on a book of shots I've captured while traveling for work. Community youth outreach will always be something I will continue to be involved with. I'm a product of the hood. So, I'm always sure to stay connected to it in hopes to bequeath inspiration to the young people who come from the same trenches."
On his stand-up comedy, he said, "I went from performing on stage with others to basically a one-man show; my set. This is a lot of pressure. Good pressure, however. I say this because anything done on stage that people find enjoyable is because of me. Yet, anything the audience doesn't seem to like as much is also all on me as well. I'm up for that challenge cause this is what fulfills me, makes me happy at the end of the day. What we do for a living plays a key role in our happiness. I have full control over my stand-up. It's my point of view and I don't need permission from anyone to do it."
Brown continued, "I am grateful for the folks who have allowed me to express this art. Enss Mitchell, the owner of The Comedy Union, saw something in me from day one. I consider this club to be my home club. This is where I've been able to get my bearings. I host here every Saturday night. Most comedy clubs in Hollywood have an 'urban night.' One night where black comics can be seen headlining or hosting cause of the politics. This is one of a few comedy clubs where you can find black comedians and others of color any day of the week."
He also has a passion for photography. "Every since 2011, I have been shooting as often as I can. I started shooting homeless people on skid row in LA. I wanted to photograph people but not my friends. I didn't want to feel the pressure of having to do well when I barely understood the functions on the camera. Homeless people are too busy trying to survive to pose for a camera. They tend to photograph well because they are in a very honest state of being when they look into the lens. And this is what captivated me early on. My photos of them are some of my favorites. I have no formal training in photography. I'm aware that it's a gift. I anticipate using it as a service for my friends," he said.
Digital transformation of the entertainment business
On the impact of technology on the entertainment business, Brown said, "Technology has changed entertainment as far as accessibility. Everything is such a click away. Every audition I have gone to, the casting director has my info by way of a link. On a more practical level, something as simple as going live on Instagram, allows me to connect with my followers directly. Ultimately, technology has created a way to cut out the middleman."
Brown continued, "As an actor, I use technology by looking up inspirational stories of athletes on my iPhone who have become very successful in their fields, such as Floyd Mayweather, Kobe Bryant, Mike Tyson and Micheal Jordan. I've noticed that people who are great at what they do have a common work ethic thread. I study their blueprint. Not to repeat their layout, but to create my own through inspiration."
For his Ballers fans, he concluded, "First off, l would like to say that I'm very appreciative of those who are watching the show. It keeps me employed and quite grateful for those who speak to me on the streets. For those who may have hated Reggie during the early seasons, I think you will grow to appreciate him by season four. The character of Fat Reggie has matured and is trying to make better decisions on behalf of his best friend Vernon. People often apologize for disliking the character of Fat Reggie, but I don't take it as a negative, I see it as a compliment that people can be emotionally invested into a fictional, yet realistic character."
To learn more about actor and comedian London Brown, check out his official website, and follow him on Instagram.
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