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article imageEarl Pose: Interview with Detroit rapper Earlly Mac Special

By Layne Weiss     Jan 3, 2014 in Entertainment
Detroit - 2013 was an incredible year for Finally Famous artist Earlly Mac. He was featured on albums by Big Sean and Slum Village, and he went on tour. The Detroit rapper is doing an amazing job of representing the D, bringing us Detroit hip-hop at its finest.
Earlly Mac will be releasing his new album, Earl Pose, in early 2014.
We recently sat down together to discuss the project, the state of Detroit rap, dreams, pet peeves, and all sorts of stuff.
So #EarlPose is like an actual pose, right? It's literally a thing on Instagram. Can you tell me a little bit about it and how you came up with the name for the project, and just a little about the project?
Earl told me that #EarlPose kinda started by "mistake" in the video for the song "Juice."
He grabbed a girl's butt (and it was a "big butt," he tells me) and "you know I had the face to go with it, and it's just something that went viral on Instagram," he says. " A lot of people started doing it around the city (Detroit), and abroad." Earlly Mac likened the #EarlPose to planking.
"Rightfully so, I named my project Earl Pose," he tells me. "It just made sense."
Earl told me he's put all his energy into this project. Earl Pose is the most "important thing" right now. "I feel like this project can and WILL really substantiate the work that I did this year," he says. "You know from being on the Slum Village album, being on (Big) Sean's album, touring, just getting more notoriety this year. I feel like this is a great way to top off what I've been doing, what I've been building on."
When are you releasing it?
"Probably like February."
What are your opinions on the state of Detroit rap?
"Detroit rap is in a hopeful place," Earlly Mac says. "You got Dusty (McFly), Doughboyz Cashout, Sean, Danny Brown, Boldy James," he says. "Royce (da 5'9) came back strong. I think it's in a good place, the best I've seen since the 90s and early 2000s with Street Lordz, Eminem, Rock Bottom, Obie Trice. I think we came back pretty strong in these recent years." Earl says he's "hopeful" and "real proud" of what Detroit hip-hop artists have been able to do. "We're not done, but I'm very proud of it. I'm very hopeful. I'm thankful too."
What was the defining moment where you knew you wanted to make music?
"I'm happy you said that, and there was definitely something," Earlly Mac tells me. "I was always into music. I started off producing, making my own beats, making beats for Sean and making beats with Jay John. Jay John is also a producer. A lot of people really don't know that," he says. The defining moment where Earlly Mac REALLY wanted to rap happened when he was going to school in Orlando. He was at Dusty McFly's apartment. "He had a little studio set up in his living room, and I made a song that I didn't really hear anybody do before. I heard a style. I heard something different that I have never heard before come from me," Earl tells me. "And I was like 'you know what? I gotta get this out.' I gotta show people that there's a different way to do rap." Earl felt like it was his "duty" to share his style with the world. He showed the world something "new" and different.
If you weren't making music, what would you be doing?
Earlly Mac said he'd either own a business, work with technology and computers, or be a psychologist. "Something crazy," he says.
So, recently, there was a lot of talk about New York hip-hop radio not really supporting local artists or playing just like Biggie or Jay-Z or guys like that. What do you think about Detroit hip-hop radio? Do you think it supports local artists, like the up and coming guys?
"Yep," Earl says. "Those worth supporting, yeah. "You can't just support somebody just because they're from Detroit and they rap. They have to put in some work. You just gotta be worth it. It sounds kinda harsh, but it's true."
What's the dream?
"My dream is to make sure everybody I've got love for is in a position to be or to initiate whatever they want to be," Earlly Mac tells me. "I want to help the people close to me start their journey into being who they'll be forever. You can't make someone. You can only help," he says. "They have to make themselves successful. I wanna be in a position to help those around me."
As for Earlly Mac, himself, he just wants to be able to sit back and "really just create whether it's music, ideas, philosophies, thinking systems, protocol...I just want to be able to create and fabricate actual things. I just wanna have my own creative studio and just make shit, and I want to be comfortable and just enjoy life."
If you were gonna get rid of one US state, which would it be and why?
Earl says we really don't need New Mexico. "There's already a Mexico. And if you want a desert, you've got Nevada." Earl's manager Joe adds that we also have Arizona and notes that New Mexico is "just like Texas."
"You got a Mexico. What you need a 'NEW' Mexico for?" Earl wonders. Earlly Mac sends all his love to the people of New Mexico. "Shout out to New Mexico! I'm just playin."
What superhero are you, and why?
Earlly Mac says he's the Marvel Comics character the Punisher. "I would be good, but I would have a bad streak," he explains. I learned that Punisher is sorta like Batman, but Punisher will kill people whereas Batman won't.
What motivates you?
"Family, friends, people I got love for. A better life than what my parents had, than what I had. A better life than my hood where I was raised."
Pet peeves?
Earlly Mac can tolerate most things, but he doesn't like people who don't at least "TRY to eat healthy." That makes him mad. I proudly declare my love for green juice. I may eat something shitty one day, but I always make sure to drink my collard greens. "TRY to eat healthier, please!" Earl pleads. He hates when people don't at least try to eat healthy.
Who would play you in a movie about your life and what would the title be?
"Shia LaBeouf and it'll be called 'Everybody's Fucked Up.'" Earl and Shia LaBeouf are like twins, by the way. Really hard to tell those two apart.
3 items you'd put in a time capsule...
"An old-English D for Detroit, an icy chain, and a picture of me."
Closing thoughts?
Earlly Mac is really excited for the release of Earl Pose this year!
I had an absolutely amazing time doing this interview! Can't wait till the world gets to hear Earl Pose!!
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