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Do not underestimate author Melissa F. Miller's abilities Special

By W. Mark Dendy     Jan 17, 2014 in Entertainment
Pennsylvania born Melissa F. Miller was living the dream of many — working at a big international law firm in downtown Washington, D.C.
Her husband, also an attorney, was working at a different firm.
But five years ago, that all changed. Miller and her husband both quit their jobs, moved to central Pennsylvania, and opened a two-attorney “boutique” firm.
That is when Miller became serious about her avocation — writing.
"I always wanted to be a writer; I was a big reader,” Miller told me in an interview, but it wasn't until she “had three kids underfoot” and was running a small business, that she, ironically, “had more time to write.”
Miller is the author of the Sasha McCandless legal thriller series published by Brown Street Books. Irreparable Harm is the first book of the series; it is also the first novel Miller penned.
Read my review of Irreparable Harm. Pick the book up, and it is a hard one to put down!
Miller talked to me about the birth of protagonist Sasha McCandless. When Miller decided she was going to write a legal thriller, she said that she wanted the main character to be a woman. “I knew I could convey what it's like to be a female lawyer, and for good or for bad, especially in litigation, women are still underestimated.”
She went on to explain how Sasha, would be “underestimated in the courtroom, underestimated by her co-workers,” and Miller also made her protagonist a “small person so she would be underestimated physically” but she has a background in Krav Maga (a form of martial art) and she is “smart.”
Although her stories are fiction, Miller uses a blend of real and fictional places in her writings, but when it comes to portions of her stories that have to do with the practice of law, she does her research in order to “get it right.”
Her writing moves along at a nice place and her style leaves you with a cliffhanger at the end of each chapter. Miller uses great descriptors, and she draws her readers right into the action.
And, despite the realism of the crime stoppers' dialogue, the existence of profanity is close to nil, a rarity in today's literature.
Miller's prose is on par with John Grisham's storytelling. She won the 2012 National Fiction Writing Competition for Physicians and Lawyers with her debut novel, Irreparable Harm.
Like many writers, Miller has “notepads all over the house” in the event that she is struck with an idea.
She is currently working on a spin-off series using a character from the second of the string of “Sasha” stories.
But she was quick to tell me, that "Sasha isn't going away." There are seven books in the Sasha series so far.
When Melissa Miller is not practicing law or playing with her children, you can pretty much bet, she is working on her next novel. Although Miller admits she is not “pocket size” like her character Sasha, she is not one to be underestimated as an attorney, and certainly not as a writer!
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