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article imageAlais Clay plans on giving away next album for free Special

By Justin King     Jan 14, 2014 in Entertainment
Boulder - Alais Clay, the activist and musician plans on giving back to the community that has given her support for her previous album. Her new album will be crowd-funded, and then released to the public to download for free.
The native of Colombia has taken a novel approach to her next album, End of an Era. The album is currently being funded by her listeners on Once the $1,600 cost of production is reached, the album will be produced, and the contributors will all receive gifts based on their donation level. After that, Clay intends to release the entire album on the internet so anyone can download it for free.
Much of her music, which can be heard for free here, contains politically charged lyrics.
The interview:
So, the way I understand it, if the fundraiser is successful, you will make the entire album available online for free. Is that right?
That is correct.
What kinds of items do people receive for donating to the fundraiser?
If I make the goal, then I will send a hardcopy of End of An Era to anyone who donates $10 or more along with an original sketch. For $20, I will send a hardcopy the album, plus a rarities collection of older unreleased tracks, and an original sketch. Those who donate $50 or more get a hardcopy, the rarities collection, and a small original painting by me. My paintings are pretty priceless to me and I have a hard time letting go of them so, I am really giving a lot of myself.
Tell us a little about your art.
My art is all over the place depending on my state of mind. Clay is my favorite medium, but I have enjoyed sketching and painting as long as I can remember. I would say my art is a mix of expressionism & surrealism and I rarely know what I am going to paint before it happens. I usually end up painting characters though with vivid mental and emotional landscapes. I am currently working on a series of Guardian Warrior Spirits.
You’ve got a pretty big fan base; you certainly could have made some money off CDs and downloads. So why give it away?
I am so grateful for all the positive messages that I have been receiving from people around the world, and so grateful for this sense of a global revolutionary family that I want to make something for them. I want everyone to be able to access it. It would be nice to get paid for my music, but more than that, I want to make sure the message is being heard and spread. Those that are able to contribute will have the option to donate when downloading the album.
On the fundraiser webpage, you refer to yourself as a “revolutionary on a mission.” What is that mission?
To assist in the awakening, uplifting, and unification of humankind through art, music, and poetry.
It also says that the album will break away from the “male-dominated, ego-driven hip-hop scene and resonate with truth seekers everywhere.” Could you explain that a little bit more?
Sure. Well, anyone who's ever watched or listened to a hip hop channel has probably noticed how almost all the artists are male, and a lot of them are rhyming about how they are the most badass, their rhymes are the most dangerous, they get the most money, and f-ck the most hoes. In reality, most of these guys are just fantasizing, ego tripping and following an industry formula. The classic rap scene of flashing hyper-inflated Federal Reserve notes in front of half-naked gold diggers has grown tired. This is what End of an Era is all about - the end of the age of materialism and a global shift in consciousness. Anyone who loves hip hop, believes in revolution, and appreciates intelligent lyrics about real issues is going to dig End of an Era.
Alais Clay helping a child with art.
Alais Clay helping a child with art.
Alais Clay
What are the other activist related projects you are involved with?
The past couple months I have been working with Occupy the Roads to help build a self-sustaining community learning and arts center in East Pueblo, CO. It’s got a long way to go but we have 2 properties, one of which has been completely renovated and the 2nd one is under way. We have a community garden, a place to create art & music, and plan to begin offering free workshops in the spring. My focus is on working with kids. I paint with them and encourage them to create their own music. We have open mics and the kids love to freestyle over hip hop beats!
Anything else you want to say to the readers?
I would just like to wish everyone a positive and productive 2014. Things are so crazy right now on so many levels and I know it’s hard enough just to maintain sanity, let alone, make a difference in the world, but I am deeply grateful to everyone who is doing their part. I am doing mine and I truly appreciate all the support I have received so far. Anyone who wishes to contribute to or share the campaign, the link is [Link]. Please help me share it with as many people as possible. To contact me or hear my music go to my website.
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