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article imageAdubb Da Gawd and Young Roc discuss 'Rebel Wit Me' Special

By Layne Weiss     Feb 4, 2014 in Entertainment
Oak Park - Monday, I had the honor of attending a private listening session for Detroit rapper Adubb Da Gawd's debut project "Rebel Wit Me" at Life Line Nation Studio in Oak Park.
I spoke with Adubb and his close friend Young Roc, who was heavily involved in the project.
I interviewed Adubb about Rebel Wit Me back in September and at the time, he was planning for a November release. Through my interviews with guys like Adubb and JohnCon, I've learned to never rush things. Don't release a project until you believe it's perfect, and Adubb feels that Rebel Wit Me is finally in that place. It's taken a few years, but "the first thing that you learn is everything gotta be in order," Adubb told me. "Music gotta be cold." He recalls nights on the phone with his good friend Big Sean discussing the project. "How long have you been working on this shit?" Sean asked. Adubb said it felt "like too long," but Sean said there's no such thing as "too long," and told Adubb not to release it until it was "perfect." Sean told Adubb that his Detroit tape took forever, but it was worth it, and very highly appreciated.
Adubb and Young Roc are ecstatic to finally see Rebel Wit Me come into fruition. "It's a longtime coming," Young Roc said after a celebratory high 5 and hug. The two friends have been working together for years. They first linked "way back in the day" when Young Roc sent Adubb a beat. Adubb hit up his cousin and asked if he knew Young Roc. "Hell yeah!" his cousin said. Adubb began rapping on Young Roc's beats, and to make things even better, the two realized they both have July birthdays and they're both cancers, so a beautiful friendship was born. The two would get together "like everyday for like three summers" and just make "bangers," Adubb reminisced. "We just constantly worked worked worked worked, dawg, and next thing I knew, we had shit on the radio and we was turning up."
The two are understandably and deservedly very proud of their success. Young Roc says things keep getting better, and the only place to go is "up from here." The two plan to keep working together and become the next Snoop and Dre. This is only the beginning!
Adubb remembers Young Roc introducing him to Denaun Porter, more commonly known by his stage names Mr. Porter and Kon Artis. Adubb, Young Roc, and Denaun recorded together all night, and then woke up and shot a video for the song "Westside Rebels."
"Denaun welcomed me with open arms, " Adubb remembers fondly. "Dawg, doors are open to you," Mr. Porter told Adubb, and they just continued working together. "And next thing I knew, we had shit on the radio."
Rebel Wit Me is a classic from start to finish, but I asked Adubb if he had a personal favorite song off the project. "Magic #32," produced by Young Roc," he answered. I asked if that was an ode to Shaquille O'Neal. "Magic Johnson," he replied. " You almost got it," he told me. Magic Johnson and Shaq both played for the Lakers, but I was thinking "Magic 32" as in Shaq was #32 for the Orlando Magic. So now, the video for "#Magic32" will be filmed in Los Angeles AND Orlando. You're welcome. I know my sports trivia.
From the bottom of his heart, Adubb thanks his fans. "Thank you for fuckin with me," he says. "I'm a rebel. I'm a little professional, but fuck that, we can turn up whenever, however we want," he said. Rebel Wit Me drops Wednesday February 5. You can download it on Live Mixtapes. "Go crazy wit your boy. Finally Famous. Rebel Wit Me."
"I'll be in your city ASAP,'' he says. He'll actually be in Cleveland this Saturday (February 8). So anyone interested in checking him out, follow him on Twitter @adubbFFamous for more information.
"Shout out to Cream on her radio show. Shout out to Bijou," he says.
Adubb wants to thank Life Line Nation Studio in Oak Park for hosting the listening session. "Shout out to Khan and Blac and Andre The Great," he said. "My dawg DJ LimeLightz came through. He was Djing the mothefuckin listening session. That shit was funny as hell. You see me and LimeLights in your city you know it's turn up time. Rebel Wit Me. February 5. Livemixtapes!!"
If you're interested in hearing more from Young Roc, check out his iKillumanati mixtape and watch his video for the song "Honesty."
Rebel Wit Me is a classic from start to finish. Don't forget to download it this Wednesday (February 5) on LiveMixtapes Check out the tracklist here.
Artwork for Adubb Da Gawd Rebel Wit Me Photo credit: Marlo Broughton and GoodLife Inc.
Artwork for Adubb Da Gawd Rebel Wit Me Photo credit: Marlo Broughton and GoodLife Inc.
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