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article image01 01 14 #Sherlocklives: Sherlock Holmes returns from the dead

By Mathew Wace Peck     Jan 1, 2014 in Entertainment
Only a handful of people know for sure just how the world’s greatest detective survived his seemingly fatal fall two years ago. Tonight, the world will know.
It was in January 2012 that Sherlock Holmes – in the BBC series Sherlock – appeared to plummet to his death from the roof of St Bart’s Hospital in London in the last story of Season 2, The Reichenbach Fall.
Since then, theories galore have surfaced as to how Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch) was able to cheat death right before the eyes of his faithful friend, Dr John Watson (Martin Freeman).
As usual before a major TV launch in the UK, an invited audience are privy to a special showing at the British Film Institute. That preview has been held, with those now in the know sworn to secrecy.
Co-creator Steven Moffat is acutely aware that fans the world over have been trying to second-guess the writers, but has said that they’re all missing something vital.
If he’s right, that will become evident tonight (BBC One, 21:00 GMT) in The Empty Hearse by co-creator Mark Gatiss.
The now iconic scene saw Holmes’s arch enemy Jim Moriarty (Andrew Scott) and Holmes on the hospital roof. Moriarty puts a gun into his own mouth and pulls the trigger.
But Holmes must appear to fall to his death or risk Moriarty’s marksmen shooting some of Holmes’s friends, including his landlady, Mrs Hudson (Una Stubbs).
Sherlock Lives!
Sherlock Lives!
Although the United States knew when it would see the Season 3 premiere back in October (it will be January 19), Brits didn’t find out when the British – and world – premiere would be until just before Christmas.
At the beginning of December, the BBC announced that a Season 3 prequel minisode would be aired via its Red Button sub-channel.
The Guardian reported yesterday that the minisode, Many Happy Returns, has notched up 6 million views: 1.5 million via the BBC iPlayer and the Red Button Service; 4.5 million via the BBC’s YouTube channel.
The two-year gap between the showing of Stephen Thompson’s The Reichenbach Fall and the UK/world premiere of the Season 3 (The Empty Hearse] first episode is reflected in the timeline of the characters, too: it’s that long since Watson has seen Holmes, who he thinks is snug in his grave.
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