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No parent wants to lose their child to a tragedy, especially one that could be avoided. But a Dallas, Texas toddler became the 21st victim of a hot-car death in the U.S. on Sunday, almost doubling the number of deaths for this time last year.

Nationwide network of EV charge stations envisioned by 2020

With $4.5 billion in loan guarantees from the Department of Energy, federal, state and local governments are partnering with automakers in an initiative to support a commercial roll out of a nationwide network of EV charging stations.

How would auto technology impact evolution? 'Graham' shows us

From the first steam-powered automobile capable of human transportation built in 1768, to the Google self-driving car of today, automotive technology has evolved in leaps and bounds, leaving us humans in the dust, evolution-wise.

Connected, self-drive cars pose serious new security challenges

In a world where motor vehicles can be weapons and cars increasingly depend on internal computers and internet connections, automakers are under increasing pressure to find ways to guard against cyber-attacks.

German legislation will require 'black box' in autonomous cars

Even though self-driving cars are projected to be available to the masses by 2020, and that is just a few years from now, one major hurdle is in trying to determine who or what is responsible in the event of an accident.

Honda's new hybrid motor is free of heavy rare earth elements

Honda Motors, working with Daido Steel, has made a major breakthrough in hybrid technology in developing the first magnet suitable for use in automotive drive applications that does not make use of heavy rare earth elements.

Op-Ed: Should Tesla drop the misleading word 'autopilot' from its name?

On Thursday, Consumer Reports said that Tesla should drop the word "Autopilot" because it is misleading consumers, giving them too much trust in the car's ability to drive itself.

Nissan debuts first Japanese vehicle with autonomous drive

Nissan has become the first auto manufacturer to hit the Japanese market with an autonomous driving system that controls steering, brakes and throttle on the highway.

Finland auctions Soviet cars abandoned by migrants

Collectors with a penchant for old Soviet cars will head to the Arctic this weekend where the Finnish customs will auction dozens of cars abandoned by migrants crossing over from Russia.

Tesla's incomplete autopilot would not have passed in Germany

Germany’s Federal Office for Motor Vehicles (KBA) would not have approved the autopilot system installed on Tesla cars if it was still in a beta-phase version, the agency told German newspaper Welt am Sonntag.

Second Tesla crashes while reportedly in autopilot

Tesla's autopilot feature may have been at the center of another crash, just one day after the federal government launched an investigation into a crash that killed an Ohio man earlier this year.

Inventor has omni-directional wheels allowing cars to go sideways

A London, Ontario man claims to have invented omni-directional wheels that allow a car to turn 360 degrees. If it works, it will end difficult attempts to parallel park and make it easier for vehicles to navigate tight spaces.

Fatal Tesla crash raises questions about autonomous vehicles

Autonomous driving technology is in the hot seat after it was learned last week that a fatal car crash in May involved a Tesla Model S sports car in Florida.

'Self-driving' car driver dies in crash in Florida — First in US

Federal officials announced on Thursday the first death in the U.S. using self-driving technology occurred in May in Florida when the driver of a Tesla S sports car operating the car's automated driving system died after a collision with a truck.

Sweden takes next step to fossil-fuel freedom with eHighway

Sweden has taken a giant step forward in bringing the world closer to fossil fuel freedom with an "electric highway" that focuses on the carbon-intensive transportation industry's need for cleaner and more efficient energy sources.

Video of bad parking leads to hit-and-run charge against teen

Charges were laid against an unlicensed teen driver after a video of his difficulty in putting his mother's SUV back into the garage was recorded and posted on YouTube.

Study: Hands-free phones no safer for drivers than hand-held ones

A study by psychologists at the University of Sussex in England concluded that driving while talking on a hands-free phone is just as distracting and dangerous as using a hand-held phone.

'Red Light Robin Hood' pleads innocent to disabling traffic cams

A Long Island man who admits being the "Red Light Robin Hood" who has disabled as many as 16 traffic cameras on a Long Island thoroughfare pleaded innocent last week to felony charges.

Watch Florida driver run over motorcycle in act of road rage

When Abe Garcia saw a car almost run a motorcycle off the road and an argument develop, he took his cellphone out and began recording. His video shows a car deliberately striking the bike and knocking the two riders off before running over it.

Craigslist junker selling for $700 turns out to be worth millions

You never know what you might find on the Internet today. Corvette lovers are still kicking themselves after discovering an old "junker" advertised on Craigslist five years ago for a paltry $700 was actually worth millions.