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driving Articles
Spectators gathered at a car meet in a Plymouth car park have been injured after a car ploughed into a large crowd on Saturday night.

Ontario bill provides for seizure of cars when illegal guns found

A private member's bill introduced by Liberal MPP Mike Colle would allow police to seize vehicles and suspend the license of drivers when an illegal handgun is found inside the vehicle.

Video: Nissan's 'nano-paint' guards your car from bird poop

Nissan has introduced a type of paint which causes liquids to fall off of your car. Rain, dirt and even poop slide off of your vehicle due to the protective layer this paint forms.

Canadian Corvette buyers get schooled

General Motors of Canada is giving purchasers of the new 2014 Corvette Stingray the perfect gift — the chance to learn how to drive it properly.

Insurance premiums skyrocket when teens sit behind the wheel

According to a recent report issued by, the insurance policy premium for a married couple jumps by a national average of 79 percent when adding a teenage driver to the roster.

Driver-less cars could be a criminal's dream

With all the talk about automated driving making roads safer, due to lessening the chances of human errors, many are overlooking the possibility that automated cars could also make our roads more dangerous, due to criminal activity.

Wider parking spaces for Chinese women drivers spark controversy

A shopping mall in Dalian, in northeast China's Liaoning Province has opened a female-only car park that features wider parking spaces to make women feel comfortable when parking.

Jeep Cherokee promotion leaves some potential buyers upset

The "World's Most Remote Dealership" promotion gave Australian buyers a chance to get a brand-new Jeep Cherokee for only $10,000 if they made it to a remote area of the outback. The contest also left some calling it an "Absolute farce," on their Facebook.

Make safety top priority for teen cars

With colleges having been chosen and preparations underway to get teenagers off to their new school-year homes, many families are now looking at providing them with reliable transportation.

Tesla announces the smaller vehicle called Model 3

Tesla Motors announced a new electric car that is smaller and has less range than older models they dubbed Model 3, which is the fourth car model produced by the company.

EPA asks car manufacturers for mileage tests in the real world

After several cases in the American judicial system over mileage claims the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is now asking manufacturers to do mileage tests in the real world in addition to any lab work.

Supreme Court rules that police can't stop you for your car color

Most headlines such as this read "can't stop you for the color of your skin." After a recent ruling even the color of your car should not matter to police.

Cabbie becomes 'Germany Man' with'German Mobile' for World Cup

One cabbie decided he was tired of just being a regular driver. Therefore Marcel Klingbiel wrapped himself in the colors of the German flag and also placed those same colors on his car. Should we call him Captain Germany?

Tesla to investigate why stolen Model S crashed, split in half

Tesla Motors is ready to investigate why a stolen Model S Sedan split in half at the end of a high speed chase in Los Angeles early July 4. The Model S reportedly hit two other cars and a lamp post, splitting in half and starting a battery fire.

2016 Miata: you only live twice

Mazda Motor Corporation has leaked new information hinting that the 2016 Miata may feature a revolutionary new turbocharged engine.

Georgia's 'Slowpoke Law' now in effect

The new Georgia law penalizes motorists who drive in the passing lane when they know someone wants to pass them. Those drivers will now be guilty of a misdemeanor offence and subject to a possible jail term.

Review: new crop of CUV's are not your grandmother's Army mule

Sports Utility Vehicle Crossovers- or more properly, Crossover Utility Vehicles (CUV's)- provide better utility than wagons, better gas mileage than SUV's, and way more fun than big sedans.

Mini begins production of new 5-door

After nearly 15 years since BMW overhauled the Mini, the model is finally getting a five door hatchback variant, with production starting at the Oxford plant in England.

German horse caught on speed camera stops fine for driver

It happened in Eppstein in Hesse, central Germany. A horse was caught on a speed camera, in a 50km/h zone (31mph). However, it turns out the animal is not the next champion racehorse.

Golden Gate Bridge directors approve barrier to stop suicides

After decades of being an unfortunate magnet for people determined to kill themselves, directors of the Golden Gate Bridge voted Friday to build a suicide barrier along the length of the iconic span.

Bride-to-be killed on her way to her bachelorette party

Revelers became mourners when a woman’s life was cut tragically short in a vehicle en route to her own bachelorette party.

Op-Ed: Subaru's win-win situation — Toyota's hydrogen fuel cell vehicle

Toyota announced earlier this week the planned 2015 debut of a revolutionary new Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle (HFCV) for worldwide markets. The Japanese automaker has tapped the New York agency Droga5 for the car's pre-launch PR campaign.

Chevy Cruze caught in airbag recall

It appears the worldwide airbag recall involving some 10.5 million vehicles may claim another victim, as General Motors prepares to recall about 33,000 Chevrolet Cruzes equipped with potentially defective airbags made by Japanese supplier Takata.

Toyota plans to bring hydrogen-fueled sedan to the market

Toyota already has some vehicles in the alternative market. Now they are bringing an affordable new model that harnesses the power of hydrogen fuel cells.

NYC plans to reduce speed limits to 25 MPH

Bill de Blasio, the mayor of New York City, managed to convince legislators in Albany to agree to lower speed limits in NYC to 25 MPH.

The color principle that drives up used car value

Selecting your car from a certain subset of colors may be the key to getting a great value later on according to one major driving site.

Honda, Mazda, Nissan add to 10M vehicle recall

More Honda Mazda and Nissan vehicles have been added to a major global airbag recall affecting over 10 million vehicles.

California cities cannot bar people from living in their cars

California cities accustomed to forcing out homeless people living in their cars will have to find another way to deal with the problem after a federal appeals court ruled the practice unconstitutional.

Op-Ed: No rolling stops with this driving instructor, safety is first Special

Drive just about anywhere in Sonoma County and chances are Rolieen Miller of Miller's Driving School has taught someone in that neighborhood how to drive.

Next new BMW may come from China

Auto production has always been dictated by “bricks and mortar” facilities, but the coming years may see production mostly dictated by BRIC facilities.

Op-Ed: Ticket quotas banned in Illinois

For many Americans and even for some officers ticket quotas were seen as unfair and a nuisance to police doing real work. A new law in Illinois has banned police from being held to quotas.

Video: Threesome ends in car crash (NSFW in related)

Three people were involved in a car crash while they were trying to have sex. The bizarre incident took place in China when three people were trying to have an unusual experience and their car rolled into a tree.

Toyota working on cars that hover above the roadway

After decades of science fiction movies and novels that fuelled our thinking of hover crafts in the new millenium, Toyota has finally stepped up to conquer the technological revolution of the hover car. But it still isn't what you're thinking.

GM recalls more cars over same ignition flaw

The faulty ignition switch that has forced General Motors to recall millions of small cars and perhaps lead to 13 deaths is now expanding to midsized and large cars, with the announcement that the company is recalling another 3.4 million cars.

Assembling the best tools for DIY auto maintenance Promoted

As the warm weather ushers in summer, for many auto hobbyists, that means opening their garages in order to work on their cars.

Video: Amazing motorcycle jump over a biplane

The staff at the 2014 Cameron Air Show created an amazing stunt you have to see to believe. They decided to jump a motorcycle over an extremely low-flying biplane and the results were spectacular.

Bystanders film burning victims instead of getting help

In an extremely disturbing and disheartening turn of events bystanders pulled over at a terrible accident not to help, but to film the horrific fire and those trapped inside.

Husband and wife kill each other in head-on crash

On Wednesday morning, two drivers in separate vehicles were allegedly killed after a head-on collision. Coincidentally, the drivers were husband and wife.

Newlyweds driving in separate cars die after head on crash

Texas newlyweds and parents Cristina Munoz, 26 and Nicolas Cruz, 31, were killed when their vehicles smashed on a unlined country road Wednesday morning near their place of employment. They are survived by their three young children.

Houston woman killed in car crash, onlookers steal her groceries

After a 23-year-old woman was killed and her two small children injured when her SUV hit a tree, it is alleged people at the scene went into the vehicle and walked away with groceries she had just purchased.

Rock throwing at Lamborghini Aventador caught on camera

A rock throwing Lamborghini Aventador incident was caught on camera on the streets of Playa Vista, California. Automobile blogs could only speculate on what caused the supercar to be stoned.
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