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article imageUnfair performance reviews prompt employees to consider quitting

By Tim Sandle     Sep 7, 2019 in Business
New research from Reflektive finds that 85 percent of U.S. professionals would at least consider leaving a job after an unfair job review; more than half are either “very likely” or “extremely likely” to do so.
The research finds that the balance of power in the U.S. job market is continuing to swing towards employees. This means that employers need to focus on making sure that employees are content, if they want to retain the top talent. This is a key finding from a survey issues by Reflektive (a leading People Management Platform empowering companies to get the most value from and for their employees).
Writing to Digital Journal, Reflektive CEO Greg Brown states ahead of the latest U.S. jobs report into the labor market: "If the September jobs reports shows continued weakness in the US economy, we can expect that to impact the workforce in significant ways. It’s been an employee market the last few years. Workers have enjoyed more freedom of choice and competitive compensation packages as companies compete for talent. If the economy weakens, we can expect to see a shift in the balance of power. Companies will likely pull back on hiring, cut current staffing levels and employees will find they are competing for fewer jobs."
These issues are apparent from the new survey. The data indicates that over one-third of those surveyed indicated that the aspect they are least likely to tolerate in the workplace is an inaccurate performance review. Further, another quarter of respondents said they were passed over for a promotion based on a review which did not accurately reflect their actual performance. The primary reason cited for this was bias on the part of the person conducting the appraisal.
In terms of the performance review, the tired model of a once a year review is not what most workers want. In fact, 92 percent of those surveyed said they prefer to receive feedback regularly, such as monthly or even weekly.
While pay and vacation days remain the top reasons why an employee chooses a company to work for, the next items on the list are growth potential and meaningful work. It also stands that one of the leading reasons for employees quitting is because they 'do not feel valued' (coming just after pay and lack of promotion opportunity).
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