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article imageThor Trucks launches its ET-One — Rivaling Tesla's Semi truck

By Karen Graham     Dec 15, 2017 in Business
Los Angeles - The electric truck market is heating up, and a new competitor is threatening Tesla's title as the heavyweight disruptor in the trucking business. The company Thor Trucks revealed its first semi on Wednesday, the ET-One.
The ET-One is capable of hauling 80,000 lb (36,287 kilograms) with instant torque at zero RPM. Thor Trucks claims it has a range of 300 miles (482 kilometers) per charge of its lithium-ion battery pack with a top speed of 70 mph.
The Thor ET-One comes with a Navistar chassis. It uses heavy-duty Dana axles and an off-the-shelf motor from supplier TM4 Inc., a subsidiary of government-owned public utility Hydro-Québec established in 1998. The company is active in the development of electric vehicle motors and related power systems.
The truck doesn't really beat out Tesla on the specifications. Basically, they are about the same, but a Thor ET-One does present a viable option, according to The Car Connection. It is even rumored that Thor's price matches Tesla's at $150,000.
The cab of the ET-One.
The cab of the ET-One.
Thor Trucks
Both the Thor and Tesla trucks are designed for short hauls of up to 300 miles. A complete recharge of the batteries from empty to fully charged takes 90 minutes. That being said, Tesla has a 500-mile (805-kilometer) version already while Thor says it plans to have its own 500-mile range version.
About Thor Trucks
California entrepreneur, Dakota Semler, founded Los Angeles-based Thor Trucks in 2016. The Semler family owned a fleet of diesel semi trucks years ago, but according to Fox News, the family had to walk away from the industry due to EPA regulations and a downturn in the economy during the Great Recession.
The ET-One has a top speed of 70 mph (113 km/h).
The ET-One has a top speed of 70 mph (113 km/h).
Thor Trucks
“Conditions are coming together that we think will make this the right timing for the industry,” said 25-year-old Dakota Semler, Thor Trucks co-founder, and chief executive. Semler and his partner, Giordano Sordoni. met as undergraduates at George Washington University in Washington, D.C.
“Electric truck technology is not just a way to make money — it’s good for the environment and good for people,” Sordoni said. The two entrepreneurs picked the name "Thor" for their company because it makes a statement.
Some sustainable trucking companies sounded “green and bubbly,” Semler said. But Thor sounds tough, and the name underscores the company's commitment to tackling tough trucking problems.
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