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article imageBongo International on how businesses can access international shipping

Unable to figure out a more economic and efficient way to ship products to customers, smaller competitor Groupon is faring even worse, noting that its shipping costs are often double those of other firms.
But those hardest-hit by rising shipping costs are small businesses such as Toronto-based clothing business Preloved. "Now, the shipping costs are as important to me as how many seams are put in my garments," says owner Julie Grieve, according to the Globe & Mail.
Also, she has noticed her wholesale clients have been using free shipping as a negotiating tool, asking her to pay for shipping if they order more product.
"A year ago, nobody every asked for this," says Grieve. "Now, shipping costs are huge."
Or a business could raise prices. Amazon decided to increase the cost of Amazon Prime from $79 per year to $99, directly citing rising shipping costs. Meanwhile, Groupon has raised its free shipping threshold from $20 to $25 per order, as well as increasing units per order and drop shipping, where suppliers deliver goods directly to customers.
But there is another way that one firm has greatly increased shipping efficiency, reducing packaging, and shipping costs through a combination of technological and logistical innovation.
Acutely aware of the dangers of high shipping costs, Bongo International, a global e-commerce shipping company with offices in the U.S. and Belgium, researched how to improve the efficiency of its shipping operation. Bongo International reaches customers in 220 nations, as well as U.S. and EU online retailers, through a variety of international eCommerce solutions.
"With over 200,000 customers utilizing our service worldwide, we recognized the need to find a more efficient packaging system for international deliveries," said Bongo International CEO Craig Turnbull.
During the course of their research, Bongo executives learned about Packsize, which offers a revolutionary streamlined box manufacturing process and cutting-edge packaging software technology called Packsize On Demand Packaging.
Partnering with Packsize and utilizing Packsize On Demand Packaging, Bongo International has benefited from a 20 to 30 percent savings on packaging costs. With the goal of providing customers with solid, simple service, Bongo International uses Packsize On Demand Packaging to centralize its packaging functions by placing high-speed packaging machines together with stacks of corrugated materials on the pack line.
Gone are the days when employees packed boxes by hand. The old store-and-retrieve corrugated packing process has been eliminated.
Manual input of product dimensions allows line workers to instantly create custom-sized boxes that perfectly match the product to be packaged and shipped. This reduces both packing and shipping costs, allowing Bongo International to pass the savings along to its customers.
"Implementing the Packsize system has provided more value to our customers by speeding up our shipping process, reducing the need for filler material, customizing each package size, and reducing international shipping costs," explained Turnbull. "We are not only helping small businesses, but we're also helping Internet retailers of all sizes, which is critical."
"We're unique in the fact that we have solutions for just about any company of any size, whether it's a major corporation or enterprise, right down to the one or two person operation," he added. "We can increase the revenues of some of these companies upwards of 20 percent of their international shipping costs."
Small businesses stand to benefit greatly from the partnership between Bongo International and Packsize. Lower packaging and shipping costs empower small businesses to expand into international markets. Bongo International is helping to level the playing field, allowing smaller companies to compete where they once could not.
With its international presence, global reach, strategic partnerships, and innovative, money-saving packaging and shipping strategy, Bongo International is well-placed to benefit from new opportunities, high shipping costs be damned. The Bongo International team lives by the words of folk music legend Woodie Guthrie: "Any fool can make something complicated. It takes a genius to make it simple." And in the world of international e-commerce, simpler is better.
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