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A small business angel seeking to help sustain charities Special

By Carol Ruth Weber     Aug 8, 2014 in Business
Usually business is, as they say, "business as usual". Steve Feldman's business is more of the unusual as he specifically became an entrepreneur and begun his small business as a way to bring big payouts to charities.
With his drive and hard work Steve Feldman continues on his quest of giving back and so much more. Thanks to his amazing dream over 3,400 kitchens have been recycled so far, in turn creating many new jobs in CT, NY and NJ. Not only has his efforts saved lives but they have also saved the environment with the kitchens and other items rescued from demo and landfill. Along with creating jobs Feldman has also done his part in rebuilding the economy through reselling, and in turn earning revenue to aid charitable outreach programs.
Steve Feldman never dreamed of becoming a major change-maker.
Starting out with a career in the radio business Feldman in no way imagined that he would end up on a totally different path as a major change-maker for so many lives as well as the environment. For 18 years he worked in radio as a Disc Jockey, Program Director and finally as the Senior Marketing Manager for two Clear Channel Providence, RI radio stations. During his years in radio Feldman faced his own demons finally getting into a recovery program that helped him beat very serious bouts of depression caused by teenage drug and alcohol abuse.
After successfully kicking his addictions Feldman wanted to give back to help the outreach program that saved him. Feldman's radio career afforded him enough income to begin giving back. In 1998 Feldman left radio to fulfill his dream of working full time to seek out fund-raising for outreach programs.
It was in 2001 that Feldman hit a snag when the stock market had its minor crash. Feldman lost a major donor forcing him to think "now what". Just as he was driving out of his donor's driveway in Greenwich, Conn. Feldman spoke of seeing a sign that would change his path "I saw a sign for mansion demo in progress. This lit an idea of earning money for charity through receiving demolition donations". Thus began a pilot project for four years in which Feldman got to know the design-build industry.
Out of a sudden epiphany Steve Feldman became an entrepreneur of an amazing charitable adventure.
After seeing the mansion demo sign Feldman drove to the site of the huge demolition of a 10,000 square foot mansion owned by Farah Pahlavi, the last Empress of Iran. Looking at the mountains created from of debris a sudden realization came to him "Why did all this have to go to waste? Why couldn’t at least some of these luxury goods go to a worthy cause?".
By 2005, the idea was ready for full-time implementation as stated by Feldman "I quit my day job of recycling and got seed money from two 'angels'. Any funds I received were doubled and turned into more dollars to be placed back into charitable projects during the next nine years".
In just 13 years, the Green Demolitions luxury recycling program grew into America’s largest recycler of luxury kitchens with three distinct brands. Green Demolitions, Luxury Bargains Super-Store, is a 43,000 square foot showroom and warehouse in Fairfield, NJ, Renovation Angel is a donation program for Recovery Unlimited, a 501 (c)3 non-profit organization with a mission to create jobs, recycle luxury, and earn money for charity, and Kitchen Trader buys and sells pre-owned luxury kitchen and showroom displays.
A wish to help additional charities birthed Renovation Angel.
At a 2011 Social Enterprise Alliance conference where Simon Manwaring, who wrote 'We First', was the keynote speaker Feldman and his wife, Lisa, were inspired to make the biggest change moving from just a regional phenomenon. Feldman, giving his wife the credit, explains "Lisa suggested earning money for other people's charities which created Renovation Angel". With the help of the first celebrity 'angels', Edie Falco and Amani Toomer, who interviewed on behalf of Renovation Angel, much more awareness was raised.
Renovation Angel works easily between those donating and the charitable organizations.
Feldman explains how easy Renovation Angel works for those wishing to donate "Anyone donating a kitchen and other high end furnishings receives a full tax deduction while also choosing to give to the non-profit of their choice. In addition those donating also save with free, professional and insured white-gloved removal of the furnishings from their premises.
People can choose any 501(c)3 charity they want. Renovation Angel is self sustaining through donations. As stated by Feldman "By not soliciting for funds we establish credibility. Renovation Angel has continued to grow in popularity creating a new website and a partnership with Sub-Zero Wolf".
Steve Feldman works to create more solutions to deal with problems that are now impacting society.
The newest endeavor that Feldman is happy to have in place is a partnership with Sub-Zero Wolf in order to spread awareness for luxury recycling. The goal is to create luxury kitchen recycling as the best practice by consumers and the industry in order to save the environment and costs instead of tossing out.
Feldman speaks passionately about the need for helping society and the environment "Create jobs and recycle, reuse, repurpose are necessary" further going on saying "Inspiring others from my story going from addiction to working my idea through a bad economy and amongst learning curves to create something out of nothing. I am always interested in any enterprise that does good work; that takes responsibility for their actions and creates jobs".
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