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article imageQ&A: Presentation management technology saves employee time Special

By Tim Sandle     Apr 14, 2019 in Business
Presentation management is changing the way enterprises handle their presentation assets before converting them into sales. Shufflrr's co-founder James Ontra, a marketing expert, explains how thousands of work hours can be reclaimed.
Shufflrr is a presentation management solution that helps organizations build, update, distribute and track all of the unregulated content that's hidden in the hundreds of PowerPoint slides and other files companies have at disposal in their network.
To discover more Digital Journal spoke with Shufflrr's founder James Ontra, a marketing expert who helped companies like Royal Caribbean and U.S. Bank reclaim thousands of work hours that employees were otherwise spending on inefficient presentation operations.
Digital Journal: What are some technologies shaping business today?
James Ontra: Technology is allowing businesses to be more efficient across their entire corporate communications strategies. Online ads target specific audiences while social platforms let you interact with customers. One corporate communication that is used every day, but only just starting to see the benefits and insights brought on by tech is presentations.
Businesses pour infinite resources into advertising, social media and PR, but when it comes to presentations - a form of communication used every day to drive sales, raise funds and generate action - most businesses rely on simple PowerPoint, which has been around for more than 30 years and hasn’t changed much.
DJ: How does presentation management fit with current trends?
Ontra: Presentation management brings business intelligence to your company’s PowerPoint presentations so that you can make quantitative decisions that benefit the overall business. With presentation management, all slides are housed in one, central repository, so you can see exactly what slides are being used, while deep insights and data visualization provide accurate information so that users can see what is converting, and what needs to be refined or thrown out completely.
DJ: How does someone know if they need a presentation management strategy in their firm?
Ontra: At most businesses, PowerPoint presentations live scattered across network folders, laptop desktops and old email chains. When it comes time to create a new presentation, employees will spend countless hours searching through old decks before piecing together a presentation that contains one slide that is off-brand and another that has outdated information.
Presentation management starts by housing all assets that can be used for presentations - corporate messaging, images, videos, gifs - and housing it in one location that can be accessed by anyone in your business that needs it. With presentation management, typically, there is one person in charge of gathering and maintaining all of the content, which means it’s their job to push out all new and updated assets to the central repository, so the sales team can quickly grab whatever slide they need and know that it’s up-to-date and compliant.
DJ: What are some of the advantages for firms?
Ontra: Presentation management transforms presentations from one-and-done resources into strategic communications that generate action. With Shufflrr, businesses are able to ensure their investment in brand and message is kept intact while making everyone at the business more productive and effective. Shufflrr adds speed, accuracy and control to an organization’s presentation management strategy with features like file management, slide updating, commenting/business social, reporting and more.
DJ: What are the best types of technology to deliver this?
Ontra: Shufflrr is the best presentation management software because it is easy to use. It instantly indexes every slide in every PowerPoint, making them easy for reuse. By indexing all the files, it means that you can search for that one version of the “Marketing” slide from last summer's sales presentation. Visualizing means that you can see every slide. No need to open the PowerPoint because each slide is displayed as a picture in your browser. And reusing means that when you see the slide you want, just drag it into the slide tray to create a new deck. Putting slides in your slide tray is as easy as putting items in your Amazon cart.
DJ: Are there any particular case studies where firms are succeeding with this?
Ontra: Yes! Royal Caribbean saved a total of $3.4 million dollars and 86,000 work hours with presentation management.
Basically, Royal Caribbean’s 300 person sales force was making 2 new presentations a week. Each presentation would take over 3 hours in slide and messaging preparation. With Shufflrr, they cut the time down to minutes, saving 2.5 hours per deck. That is 5 hours of time reclaimed for every sales person - imagine getting 10% of your time back every week!
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