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article imageQ&A: New SaaS-based business VoIP communications solution Special

By Tim Sandle     Nov 13, 2018 in Business
For sales reps, calls are reportedly 10-15 times more likely to generate a successful sale. Focusing on this, Versature have launched a new product to allow companies to leverage call data to improve the way they do business.
In terms of business improvements, utilizing call data includes strengthening customer relationships, increasing operational efficiencies, and gamifying team and agent performance. Versature, a Canadian company have launched Insights, a new analytics product line. Versature are a provider of SaaS-based business VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) communications solutions.
To discovery more, Digital Journal spoke with Anastasia Valentine, CMO at Versature.
Digital Journal: How is technology shaping sales?
Anastasia Valentine: Technology is changing the way we do business. From improving prospect interactions, keeping the teams organized and on top of their pipeline, tracking attribution from first touch point through to revenue to measure ROI and most importantly, giving prospects, customers and partners the information they need, when they need it.
DJ: What is the best method for driving sales?
Valentine: The best method for driving sales is being laser focused as an organization and making a human connection with prospects and leverage technology to scale. Gone are the days where you have a tremendously top-heavy funnel in hopes of getting something, anything out the other end. This approach is a costly way to acquire a customer doesn't guarantee you will attract the right customers to your brand. Companies need to be very focused on who they can serve best by taking a solution delivery approach. Solve someone's problem with what you offer!
This means being crystal clear on your perfect fit customer using personas, understanding what makes people buy and responding to those buying signals, knowing where you add the most value for key industries and being familiar with use cases your product is the best fit for.
DJ: How can analyzing call data boost sales?
Valentine: Call data is a large and often underutilized source of information for marketing and sales. Companies can leverage the call data they generate every day based on inbound and outbound call activity. Specifically, setting up marketing campaign numbers to track attribution, uptake and even to A/B test messaging and creative. Monitoring inbound and outbound call volume, talk time and wait time to create a culture of high performance and to deliver superior customer service. Analyzing call volume peaks and valleys enable companies to respond by staffing at more active times of the year.
Combine this data with data in a CRM, help desk ticketing system, billing system or business intelligence solution and companies will have more in-depth insight into how everyday behaviors and connections move the needle for the business.
DJ: How can call data help strengthen customer relations?
Valentine: Have you ever found yourself in a void of being on hold for a major call center without any knowledge as to when someone would actually become available to help you? Transparency is everything when creating trusted long-term relationships with customers. When customers know how long they need to wait, how many people are waiting in the queue in front of them before they call, customers are empowered to choose where they spend their time and how to connect with your company. In situations where customers are billed based on their connections with you, especially in legal fields for example, easy reports can be customized and generated, so customers have full transparency in billing.
DJ: Why did you develop Insights?
Valentine: We chose to develop Versature Insights because we saw a massive gap in what was being offered by vendors of business phone services today. All companies have some sort of system to communicate, but none of them had an easy, out of the box way to tap into valuable call data. As a SaaS-based company we wanted to provide an on-demand series of tools to analyze call data to provide businesses with unique Insights into volume, performance, service levels and to comply with legislative and industry requirements.
DJ: How did you build Insights?
Valentine: Insights was developed by the talented Versature development team in-house who engaged our customer base to validate the use cases, user experiences, features and deliverables for the product ranging from Performance Dashboards, Web Call Centre Headers, Google Sheets integration and long-term recordings.
DJ: What are the key benefits of Insights?
Valentine: Versature developed the Insights platform of products to help companies create trusted relationships with their customers, create a culture of high performance and provide companies with call data to help them increase efficiencies and improve the way they do business.
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