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article imageQ&A: Email signatures are a key business communication tool Special

By Tim Sandle     Sep 5, 2018 in Business
According to Templafy email is an underutilized marketing tool. However, there are also a number of common misconceptions when it comes to email signature marketing. Christian Lund provides some business tips.
According to Templafy, email signatures are more than just a stamp at the bottom of business correspondence. There are over 124.5 billion business emails sent and received each day, meaning that business email remains the most engaged marketing asset that your company is shipping out.
Templafy notes that many business people do not provide their signatures before they hit the send button. This is despite most recipients of email looking to signatures to legitimize who they are communicating with.
To learn more Digital Journal spoke with Christian Lund, co-founder of Templafy.
Christian Lund  entrepreneur with a demonstrated track record in the enterprise software industry.
Christian Lund, entrepreneur with a demonstrated track record in the enterprise software industry.
Christian Lund
Digital Journal: How is the world of marketing changing?
Christian Lund: Marketing (like everything) has become more automated and digitized. Most CMOs in future-forward enterprises now straddle both IT and brand functions. We see more CMOs and brand directors challenged to implement new technologies for marketing tasks and brand activations. These days, a modern marketer simply can’t work competitively without a suite of smart SaaS tools.
DJ: Is email still an important communications tool?
Lund: Yes. An average office worker receives 121 emails a day and sends around 40 business emails daily. For context, if your company has 1000 employees the team will send out 40,000 business emails in just one day. Based on a calculation of 250 business days per year, that culminates in an astonishing 10,000,000 emails annually.
Consider the exponential exposure of your marketing campaigns if you simply included campaign links in each email signature on 10,000,000 emails.
DJ: Does email still matter in marketing?
Lund: GDPR has definitely impacted the way businesses can use email marketing. This means that marketers need to be more savvy about how they’re conveying marketing messages to their audiences while still ensuring GDPR compliance. Email signatures have become more important in this respect – with a proper email signature management system, you can include correct legal disclaimers across all company emails.
DJ: Is social media challenging the use of email?
Lund: It’s a certainly a generational thing, but we still see most of our customers using email to communicate for business matters. Social media communications are less formal and organizations have more control and governance over employee emails – particularly as emails can constitute formal business agreements.
DJ: How can email be improved?
Lund: By now, every digital marketer understands the fundamentals of traditional email marketing. However, many have yet to tap into the valuable marketing real estate found within the humble corporate email signature. With the right email signature management tool, you can include up-to-date logos, employee information, disclaimers and impactful marketing campaigns.
DJ: What are the key learning points in relation to email signature marketing?
Lund: We recently tested our email signature marketing campaigns and the results were surprising. Employees simply sent out emails as they normally would, and all the while, they were able to increase traffic to their websites.
The “bounce rate” of people entering the campaign site via the email signature link dropped to 41%, compared to the average of 77.64% from other sources. In other words, around twice as many people clicked on more than one website page when they got to the website through the email campaign than from all other website traffic.
Visitors stayed on the website pages three times longer than pages accessed through all other forms of website traffic.
DJ: What services does Templafy offer in this area?
Lund: We offer an email signature manager designed specifically for enterprise-scale organizations. Unlike other email signature solutions, Templafy’s Email Signature Manager adds the signature without your emails being sent to third-party servers outside your control.
DJ: How important is digital transformation for business?
Lund: Extremely. I’ve worked with document creation technology for over 15 years and co-founded Templafy to meet the needs of large enterprises undergoing digital transformations and transitioning to the cloud. Around five years ago, digital transformation was on the horizon for most large businesses but today it has become essential in the document creation and enterprise content management space. Businesses now know that without taking action, they’ll be left behind the digital curve.
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