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article imageOp-Ed: Anonymous release free app to make everyone rich?

By Paul Wallis     Oct 11, 2017 in Business
Sydney - Anonymous have their moments, and this is one of them. The group has released an app which they say will allow people to play the stock market. Earnings per user are capped at $1000 per day. But is it for real?
The idea was first released on Anon News. The group spell out their reasons for releasing the app, referring to hundreds of years of monopoly of wealth by the rich. They also say that the stock market relies on a server built in 2004, which can never be shut down, because it would cost $900 billion a day to do so. Their app allows anyone and everyone to access the markets through the “Motherboard” server.
They apparently mean it, too. If you hit the Anon News link above, you’ll see the press release and you’ll get a dialog box offering you their app.
The main points:
1. The Anonymous app acts as a proxy routed through 5000 servers, so it’s undetectable.
2. They say their random automated binary option trading has an accuracy of 70-74 percent. There’s no clarification of this statement.
3. The minimum deposit is $250. The money goes to a random broker who/which is assigned to you.
4. They say that’s OK, because their system will quadruple the money in a day.
This is all very nice, and in theory, it sounds quite fascinating. I’m not so sure.
I have a few questions:
1. “Undetectable” as in illegal, meaning any money you make is made illegally? Does this mean effectively enrolling users in an illegal trading scheme? Because if it does, that $250 could translate in to one very big financial penalty if they get prosecuted.
2. A “binary option” is defined as “all or nothing” trading. If the accuracy is 36-30 percent inaccurate, does that mean you’ve got that percentile chance of losing your money? Binary options trading is also banned in some jurisdictions, because it’s “gambling”.
3. To whom does the money go, and in whose name? You can’t own money which isn’t somehow credited directly or indirectly to you.
4. In every financial market on Earth, there are laws against predicting future earnings, with good reason. Predictions like those were the selling points of every major rip-off in history. Got a bit of quality control going there? Comments?
5. One irreplaceable server? What about when it inevitably goes obsolete or needs some backup? No system on Earth works without backup.
Sorry, Anonymous, I don’t buy it. Even if your motives are 10000 percent sincere, and good idea as making everyone rich would be, there are too many physical holes in this for my tastes. Some points are vague, to say the least. To start with, why use binary options trading, which is high risk?
If I were a member of Anonymous, I’d be more worried that this thing could blow up as a serious fail. It could be a serious discredit to the group, if it goes wrong.
It wouldn’t be good, either, particularly for the guys who invest and lose, which seems like a real possibility. That is not likely to engender much love from the people supposed to be helped, either.
Read the binary options link to see just how hit or miss this type of trading can be. It’s well worth it, particularly if you like having some sort of relationship with your money other than waving it goodbye. This is tricky stuff.
Even for experienced traders, this type of trading is pretty risky. People who know how to take risks know how to deal with them and survive them. Anybody coming in off the street, however, won’t know that.
So, Anonymous:
1. What are the legal risks?
2. What are the financial risks?
3. Why should people trust “random brokers”?
4. Where does the money go, and how does it come back to investors?
Something feels wrong about this. Anonymous is usually very thoughtful. The group’s logic is what it is, whether you agree with them or not, but it’s usually consistent.
Let’s clarify something – If Anonymous plugs users in to a money making scheme where a lot of money could be invested and it goes wrong, there’ll be hell to pay. Does Anonymous stand by this scheme, yes or no? I don’t see any recent mentions of this thing on Anonymous’ Twitter page, either. The Anon News page isn’t dated, but Anonymous on Twitter seems focused on other things. Strange. Make everyone rich, but don’t maintain a conversation about it? Answers, Anonymous, please, and preferably soon.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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