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article imageNow’s the time for businesses to refresh their data privacy Special

By Tim Sandle     Jan 25, 2021 in Business
Data Privacy Day provides a useful reminder to businesses in terms of updating and refreshing their systems. This is not simply technological since thought needs to go into the overall approach as well.
Refreshing data privacy is also important since experts are predicting that firms will continue to see an increase in cybersecurity attacks in 2021. This is as hackers continue to exploit remote workforces and human-operated ransomware causes more damage. In fact, experts forecast cybercrime will cost the world more than $6 trillion in 2021.
Ahead of January's Data Privacy Day, Yoji Watanabe, President and CEO of Cybersecurity Cloud (CSC) outlines what enterprises can start to do better.
Work out what your data is
Yoji Watanabe says: "Classify your data and its protection requirements and implement adequate controls to protect against data breaches that can not only lead to financial loss – but a loss in customer trust and brand reputation. Follow security measures to keep individuals’ personal information safe from inappropriate and unauthorized access and ensure the minimum level of access to perform required functions."
Track and trace
With this, Watanabe recommends: "Keep an accurate inventory of your hardware and software and keep everything up to date. Old, unsupported software that has not been patched can open up vulnerabilities to employees and to the entire company, a situation that can give cybersecurity teams nightmares."
Follow the rules
Here Watanabe suggests: "Make sure you are staying compliant with all national, regional and industry privacy laws and regulations that apply to your business. GDPR, CCPA/CPRA, and other data privacy and protection regulations have started to really take hold – and we can expect to see continued adoption of regulations that meet the gold standard of GDPR across the globe – and increased enforcement and fines."
Know your weaknesses
Watanabe discusses the necessity of being "Aware of flaws in your security measures, including Virtual Private Network (VPN) connections, says Yoji Watanabe, President and CEO of CSC. VPNs are dedicated network systems that install a dedicated router, set up a virtual dedicated line on the internet and are used as a means of securely connecting to corporate networks from outside the company. But there are more and more cases of VPN vulnerabilities being exploited by hackers, says Watanabe, including VPN passwords being used by third parties."
Head for the clouds
Watanabe's analysis is to: "Consider setting up a cloud-based Web Application Firewall (WAF), a next-generation firewall that is essential for security measures. Ransomware attacks, phishing, credential stuffing and clickjacking are all security issues that WAFs aim to prevent and protect against. WAFs are becoming an increasingly integral part of IT security as a way to protect business networks against malicious third-party attacks like Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks to direct hacking activity, to malware infiltration and exfiltration. Using a purpose-built tool like CSC’s WafCharm helps enterprises maximize WAF’s security features in a hassle-free way."
Let your clients know what you are doing and why
In his final recommendation, Watanabe states: "Be transparent about how you collect, use and share consumers’ personal information. Communicate clearly and concisely to the public what privacy means to your organization and the steps you take to achieve and maintain privacy."
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