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article imageNew digital disruptors are non-digitally native organizations

By Tim Sandle     Aug 26, 2018 in Business
A new survey seeks to understand the impact of digital disruption on incumbent, non-digitally native organizations. The report predicts that these firms will become the next major tranche of digital disruptors.
The survey comes from Infosys, and the report is titled “The New Champions of Digital Disruption: Incumbent Organizations.” Unlike other surveys that look across the economy or which focus on start-ups, the new survey polled respondents were from organisations with 5,000 employees or more and $1 billion global annual revenue.
The report finds that each incumbent can be categorized into one of three corporate personas. These are described as: Visionaries, Explorers and Watchers. These corporate personas are based on the business objectives behind each company’s digital transformation initiatives. The findings show that while all personas are in agreement on certain issues, such as the level of disruption in their business or key transformation success factor.
For example, the businesses classed as Visionaries see disruption drivers more clearly. This is even drivers that the other companies in different categories do not see. For instance, this the might be the potential to create and leverage ecosystems and circumvent risks from obsolete business models.
In terms of the proportions of businesses falling onto these categories: Visionaries make up 22 percent. These firms understand the potential of the digital revolution to completely transform their business. The Explorers account for the majority, at 50 percent. Such organizations commit to digital programs driven by the need to enhance customer experience. The final group are the Watchers, who make up 28 percent. These firms see digital transformation through “a prism of efficiency.”
Commenting on the findings, Pravin Rao, who is the Chief Operating Officer, Infosys, states: “Navigating the digital disruption requires companies to drive a holistic approach to transformation and foster a digital culture that brings together leadership commitment and a renewed approach to skill building.”
He adds: “Infosys with its long-standing partnerships with global corporations is focused on accelerating their digital transformation journey from their core systems while building new capability to drive competitive advantage.”
The report further discusses the degree that Visionaries, Explorers and Watchers are looking at emerging digital technologies like 3D Printing, artificial intelligence, blockchain, and Internet of Things. These technologies are in addition to focusing on foundational technologies such as mainframe and enterprise resource planning modernization.
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