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Therapeutic Solutions notes social media marketing possibilities Special

By Michael Krebs     Mar 26, 2014 in Business
Merrick - Social media methodologies and marketing strategies in preventative medicine proved their value in an interview with Jamie Rockwin, president of Therapeutic Solutions Physical Therapy.
When we think of social media and content marketing, we often consider these terms as near-abstractions — and, given this, it is helpful to look for more concrete examples and real-world practices in execution.
One of the more challenging sectors in terms of customer acquisition and communications is in healthcare, and questions on what works in marketing abound. Physical therapy practices offer an interesting window on what may be possible in healthcare communications, as they may represent new frontiers in preventative medicine in the backdrop of an aging population.
"Most of the physical therapy business is word of mouth," Jamie Rockwin, PT DPT and president of Therapeutic Solutions Physical Therapy, said in a telephone interview. "You tell a friend that I'm great, or you liked so-and-so at my practice."
Rockwin operates a diverse practice that includes physical therapy, a medically-oriented gym (MOG), massage therapy, personal training, and nutrition advisory services. She employs modern and innovative approaches, using her website as a paperwork alternative for those patients willing to operate more digitally in filling out forms that would otherwise take up time in the waiting room.
She also uses monthly newsletters to communicate with her most engaged patients.
"In this newsletter, they are given facts about nutrition, facts about physical therapy," she explained. "Hey, you can see a physical therapist without a doctor's prescription."
These modern touches may seem somewhat routine to some, but Rockwin is also embracing Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Her innovative communications across social media channels may be paying off.
"We've tried the typical local paper, and there really is no return on investment," she said, noting that she also uses Google for paid search.
Rockwin sees social media as an "untapped market," and she is quick to point out that social media outlets represent an opportunity to learn.
She uses Facebook "to inform our existing clients and make them more aware of how to prevent hurting yourself and prevent disease, rather than be reactive."
But she is not disconnected from the familiarity of the human touch in the world beyond the internet. Digital media offers opportunities for her to connect with her patients, but Rockwin is also event-oriented at the hyper-local level.
"I'm very community oriented," she said. "We do the street fair every year, and we're out there giving free consults on flexibility screenings, blood pressures."
Rockwin and her team used the community outreach to conduct a fundraiser for one of her clients, and she used Twitter and other social media channels to alert the wider community on her activities in this regard. The association with the fundraising halo went viral, and she was pleased with the results.
Social media appears to have increased the overall footprint of Therapeutic Solutions Physical Therapy - from industry colleagues as far away as Saudi Arabia to a patient range that extends as far away as Brooklyn.
Rockwin has a thought leadership vision on the horizon, particularly when it comes to explaining the benefits of the medically-oriented gym. She plans to launch a blog - effectively a blog for the MOG - with the express purpose of furthering patient education and of furthering patient health.
"I still struggle with the endless possibilities of what the internet can give me," Rockwin concedes, although she is excited about the dimensions of these possibilities.
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