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Op-Ed: Stop wasting time! Turn your social media posts into real traffic

By Bob Hutchins     May 20, 2014 in Business
As you work up to high-concept, artistic, “Big Brand” content, take time to create the ground level content that will convert your social media traffic into REAL traffic.
“Instagram envy” is a phrase used by social media and pop culture analysts alike to describe a peculiar phenomenon that’s afflicting our psyches. It’s the desire — no, the need — to portray our lives as exotic, picture perfect, sophisticated adventures. While “Instagram envy” could fill a book on its own, I think 95 percent of social media marketers are afflicted with their own toxic strain of this virus. I call it “Big Brand Envy."
What is “Big Brand Envy” and what’s the problem?
Big Brand Envy is the overriding, all-informing modus operandi behind the vast majority of so-called “social media strategists.”
Marketers with Big Brand Envy believe that they can apply the same CTA-less, all-brand/no-hard-sales approach that mega-brands with devoted followings (Apple, for example) can afford to deploy.
At BuzzPlant, we wholeheartedly encourage smaller brands to dream and execute the high-concept content that a “tribe” company like Apple can afford. But, you have to remember where tribe companies like Apple started. (In Steve Jobs’ case, his parents’ garage.) Building this kind of content takes time. It’s a long-term goal — not what you should be aiming to populate your company’s social media feeds with this week.
As you work up to high-concept, artistic, “Big Brand” content, take time to create the ground level content that will convert your social media traffic into REAL traffic. Here’s how it’s done…
Set Aside “Big Brand Envy.” Generate TRAFFIC. Generate SALES.
1. Frustrated with three-second on-site times and low rates of multi-page visitors on your site? It could be that your problem isn’t in your social media strategy, but in the webpages you’re linking to. Instead of posting generic links to your “Home” or “Contact” pages, take a few hours to put together some targeted landing pages that actively help you move leads through the funnel. (Check out my five landing page tips here.)
2. Having a hard time getting your leads to your site in the first place? Maybe you should invest more time in one-on-one conversations. When you publicly engage with individual members of your audience, not only do you stand a chance of winning one friend for your brand (the singled-out conversation partner), but studies show that passive observers are also more likely to become outspoken advocates of your brand.
3. Thirdly, text alone is… well, kind of boring. Even if you’ve got some great information, you’re going to need to spruce it up with a stunning image (or two). When creating a Facebook post, always use an image – even if it’s just an image in the website link. (I recommend this read on visual social media marketing, Instagram, and click-through rates for more on this subject.)
What are your tips for generating social media à website conversions?
Jump in with your comments below! I’ve shared just three of my current favorite tips, but I know there are many more strategies that work. Where have you found success?
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