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article imageOp-Ed: Next up for content marketing? Curation & quality

By Mark Evans     Jun 10, 2014 in Business
Toronto - As content marketing becomes a corporate staple, brands need to be paying more attention to curation and quality. These are two ways that brands can stay ahead of the content pack.
For the past few years, content marketing has transformed many brands into publishers.
By creating content that offers some kind of value to target audiences, brands could, in theory, build stronger relationships and position themselves as value-added community members. Of course, the big picture is goal is leads and sales.
The content marketing bandwagon has seen many brands create lots and lots of content because no one wants to be left on the digital sidelines.
The positive is consumers have more content choices than ever to gain information, insight and guidance. The negative is there's more content than ever, which makes for a noisy and busy landscape.
The challenge for brands, however, is creating content has become table stakes. With more brands doing it, it is becoming more difficult to differentiate. In other words, the playing field has been quickly levelled.
As brands explore different ways to leverage content, there are two key themes emerging that they need to seriously consider:
1. Curation
Instead of simply creating their own content, brands need to look at curating content from third-party sources and social media. This can be difficult for some brands to swallow because it means putting the spotlight on someone else's content, rather than their own.
But here's the thing: consumer see more value and authenticity when a brand shares curated content rather than their own content. By giving some TLC to content done by someone else, a brand actually scores point with target audiences.
Another big benefit to curating content is a brand doesn't have to produce all of the content it wants to share. Curating address some major points of pain facing many brands: how to consistently produce quality content, and how to scale their content efforts. By embracing curation, they could effectively address both challenges. The good news for brands is there are a growing number of platforms to curate content, including Pressly (a client).
2. Quality
As much as quantity matters, quality is becoming an increasingly important issue for content marketing. As more content appears on the scene, consumers are becoming more discerning and selective about the content they read. This is forcing brands to become more creative, imaginative and strategic in how they create content that resonates and engages.
Creating quality content is a huge challenge (and opportunity) because brands need good writers and designers to make it happen. As important, they need to an effective distribution plan to put the spotlight on the high-quality content being produced.
Brands looking for a technology boost to create quality content should check out Atomic Reach, which offers a Wordpress-powered plugin that scores content using a complex algorithm.
Brands that keep pushing the envelope with content marketing are going to maintain their competitive edge. A willingness to actively explore curation and higher quality content are two ways that brands can stay ahead of the least for now!
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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