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article imageOp-Ed: How good content can improve your company's brand

By Elizabeth Brown     Jul 16, 2014 in Business
SEOs and content professionals can drive value for small businesses such as restaurants and retailers. Much of the Web consists of keyword stuffing and duplicate content: non-value-added text that are simply rehashed for click-bait purposes.
However, good content can improve your company's brand. Predictably, badly-written text can tarnish your business's reputation. After all, if you publish error-filled articles on your website, customers may infer that your product or service has poor quality.
Connecting With Your Audience
Copycat pages won't bring long-term traffic. Search engines condemn plagiarized websites into SERP obscurity, and site owners get reduced or non-existent monetization from AdSense.
"Humanized content resonates with audiences because of its ability to find a common thread," says Marv Dumon, founder of Olympus Publishing, in an interview with Digital Journal. "Too often, technocratic content uses commoditized jargon or themes aimed at passing, interchangeable users."
Polished diction involves laborious drafts and many revisions. When it comes to content, it's good to be a perfectionist. Obsessive compulsiveness is an asset when creating literary work.
"Avoid duplicate ideas," says Dumon. "Show flair. Make your copy stand out."
Here's some advice for newbie publishers: Have more respect for your audience. No site visitor wants to waste her time reading a fool's passage.
Getting What You Pay For
Often, plagiarized phrases lack an exacting rhythm in tone and voice. Publishers should exercise caution when working with oDesk and Elance freelancers. Many are disinterested, if not incapable, of producing outstanding work. Outsourcing content to India may be cheap, but quality may suffer significantly.
Buzztime, a social gaming company, suggests managers should monitor their company's reputation on social channels.
"Check out Yelp and be sure to monitor your Twitter mentions and your Facebook page," according to Buzztime in a June 2014 article. "Set up a Google alert for your restaurant's name so you'll know if a food blogger writes a review of your restaurant."
Social Votes
Web copy is often watered down to be palatable to corporate lingo, but this process can thwart creativity and result in content that's similar to everything else that’s out there. On the Web (especially mobile), the extreme lack of an attention span makes it incumbent upon publishers to grab an audience’s attention.
Google rewards exemplary content with traffic, which often gets social shares. Social votes are a reflection of beautiful or helpful thoughts conveyed on a Web page. Something stirs a reader’s imagination.
Content should never read as if written by zombie grotesques trapped in an office cubicle.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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